Call Center Scams in Banking Sector Is on Rise

Banks, retailers and credit card companies all use call centers to provide services. Those call centers represent one of the most attractive targets for fraud attacks. While online security has been a top priority for organizations over the past decade, the phone channel has not seen similar innovation.


Call centers are imposing a new form of colonialism

The outsourcing of call center work to developing countries by Western companies has become a huge business. For many, it represents a positive force of globalization, bringing not only cost benefits to the West but also employment and career opportunities to the developing world.

Philippines’ Rise as Call-Center Nation Lures Expats Home

Having grown up poor, Denise Sese found herself still mired in debt. It was 2009. A college dropout and one-time cashier at a Jollibee Foods Corp. fast-food outlet in Manila, she was out of a job. At a Manila mall one day, she spotted a booth advertising a free call-center training program. She signed up and eventually landed a job, Bloomberg Markets magazine will report in its November issue.


More non-BPO operations favor the Philippines

While business process outsourcing (BPO) will continue to drive the office space sector, non-BPO operations like front office, regional headquarters, and brick and mortar headquarter offices are beginning to locate in the Philippines, citing competitive costs. Eighty to 90% of the 700,000 square meters (sqm) on stock this year are for BPO operations, but the country is well-positioned to be the site in 2016 for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) headquarters as the economies of the region integrate next year.


Career opportunities in the ASEAN integration

The ASEAN Integration is just around the corner. Yet, many of the 600 million people in the ten ASEAN countries don't fully understand what it is or how it will impact their lives starting January 1, 2016.


New Challenges for World’s Outsourcing

Philippines’ call centres will have to reinvent itself as big firms switch to ‘virtual agents’. The number of live agents will be greatly reduced because of the efficiencies offered by these new technologies," he said. According to a recent Forrester Report, only 28 per cent of Americans prefer to call companies and talk to an agent. Most would rather look for answers themselves by trawling through websites.


Companies return call center jobs to U.S. as overseas labor costs rise

Companies began sending call center jobs overseas years ago because they sought to reduce labor costs, said Matt Zemon, chairman of the nonprofit group Jobs4America, based in Chapel Hill, N.C. But in recent years, as overseas labor costs have increased, companies have been reversing some of those decisions, he said. Some companies also found that customers were unhappy with the service from overseas call centers.


Call Center Workers Urged to Form Unions

To protect their welfare as workers and to take advantage of the full benefits of their labor, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) has urged young professionals particularly workers in the information technology sector to join or form unions. Read more...

Sleepy Philippine Towns Wake Up to Answer World’s Phones

Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong has come home. Fifteen years after leaving Iloilo in the Philippines for the bright lights of Manila, she and her friends have been lured back as her once-quiet hometown is transformed.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect there would be these developments mushrooming all over,” Palmares-Fong, 32, said as she prepared to take clients to view a site for new $57,000 condominiums. “It used to be a sleepy place, now at night it’s all lights.”


Toxic Work

Work-related health problems such as sleep disorder and fatigue which afflict nearly half of workers in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry increase the risk of depression, a Cebu-based mental health expert warned yesterday. Workers, especially in call centers, have relatively low autonomy. Their jobs typically involve heavy workloads backed by performance targets and tight rules and procedures enforced by electronic monitoring which are known to produce high levels of workrelated stress.


HIMS Conference 2014

The Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (HIMOAP) is proud to present the HIMS Conference 2014 (formerly known as HIMOSC or Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Services Congress) with the theme Philippine HIM Services: Trailblazing to Global Leadership” to be held on August 28, 2014 at The Peninsula Manila, Makati City. On that account, HIMS’s Conference 2014 was designed to deliver cutting-edge technology trends (cloud computing, mobility, social, big data and security), new growth opportunities, strategies on better productivity.


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