Improving Efficiency of the Contact Center

The main goal of any contact center is to ensure high quality of customer services and rapid handling of customer contacts. There is a range of tools and activities for improving the quality of contact center services that should be applied by every savvy manager.

Reviewing Recorded Interactions

Each customer interaction should be recorded and stored in the system. With this approach, supervisors can review recordings to assess the quality of agent interactions and to identify and timely correct frequent issues and violations of requirements. Noda Contact Center supports centralized recording of all interactions, starting from their first second. All recordings are saved in the archive. The system provides tools for retrieval of recordings and a convenient web player for listening to recorded interactions. Recordings can be filtered by agent, time of interaction, incoming phone number, call duration and other parameters.

Analyzing Reports

Regular analysis of reports allows detecting deviations from the established service level and helps to prevent customer complaints on the long response time. The standard configuration of Noda Contact Center provides more than 30 pre-integrated reports and automatically generates summary statistics by request type. Such reports help to identify the most time-consuming types of requests and find out the reason why they require much time for processing.

Assessing the Quality of Services

Monitoring of agents is essential to ensure efficiency of a contact center. The Quality Management module of Noda Contact Center allows determining standards and KPIs for each project. The solution automatically assesses if interactions comply with preset KPIs and routs non-compliant recordings to supervisors.

Streamlining the Work Schedule

Most contact centers have uneven workloads. That is why shift planners often have to streamline or re-plan earlier created and approved work schedules. The Noda Workforce Management module is designed to simplify this task. The system analyzes historical data and forecasts the future workload helping to define how many employees will be required during different periods. Employees can view their schedules at any time and exchange shifts with their colleagues via the mobile application.

Using Agent Scripts

The use of preset scrips reduces the number of errors and allows handling customer contacts quicker. Agents do not need to memorize large amounts of reference data or remember the overall service algorithm: the system will guide an agent through the process step-by-step and provide instructions on which actions must be done at each step and which information must be provided or obtained from the customer. Noda Contact Center provides a convenient visual editor, which can be used to set up a script of any complexity.

Omnichannel Enablement

Today, the market uses a great variety of digital communication channels: emails, web chats, SMS communications, messengers, social networks, etc. The choice of a channel depends on social, cultural and demographic background of each specific customer. To increase its efficiency, the contact center needs to embrace all of these channels. The Noda Omni-Channel module was specially designed for this. The module puts all incoming requests from different channels into a single queue and then distributes them between agents with required skills. When using digital (non-voice) channels, an agent can simultaneously participate in several projects, covering different customers/sessions at the same time. The agent can also track the whole history of interactions with each customer via different channels.

Reducing Hardware and Software Costs

One of the most sensitive issues faced by a business during creation of a contact center or increase of its capacity is the need to streamline software and hardware costs to ensure higher efficiency and ROI of the company. License fees and the cost of specialized hardware can seriously hinder development of a project and prolong its payback period.

Implementing its contact center projects, NODA offers solutions that allow its Customers to remain independent from specific hardware and streamline their expenses for software licenses. 

The advantage of Noda Contact Center is that all of its components – both installed on servers and on user workstations – do not require any specific equipment. A contact center can use popular budget-friendly Intel-based servers and ordinary PCs or notebooks to install the solution components. Contact center agents use USB headsets and USB telephones for communications. 

Since Noda Contact Center does not have any specific requirements for hardware, it can be deployed in a virtual environment. Due to this, a business can quickly increase performance of its contact center simply by adding more enterprise cloud resources.

Speaking of software costs, the most popular way to reduce them is to use open-source software solutions in the contact center infrastructure. Their licensing does not require large investments, while the market provides many proven solutions, which are used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Components of Noda Contact Center can run on the following system software: 

  • Oracle Linux operating system 
  • PostgreSQL database 
  • Ubuntu operating system for user workstations 
The NODA platform can be also deployed in an infrastructure that is based on proprietary Oracle or Red Hat systems. This variant is used by large companies with a team of certified experts and a budget for purchase of licenses and support services from leading global software vendors.

Looking into the Future

Even solving today’s tasks, it is important to look a little bit ahead. In the nearest future, contact centers will go through significant changes. Modern cutting-edge technologies – such as voice biometrics and AI systems – will result in full automation and higher efficiency of call centers.


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