Noda Contact Center: Call Center Software

Noda Contact Center is an all-in-one software platform for corporate and outsourced call centers. The platform was created and developed by NODA, a Russian software company, and today boasts the largest number of implementations in the Russian segment of professional contact centers.

In 2012, 2015, and 2016 Noda Contact Center received Product of the Year Award at the Crystal Headset® /Call Center Guru Awards as the best call center solution.

Capabilities of the software

Noda Contact Center software helps to receive and process calls incoming through voice and digital channels (phone calls, calls from websites/apps, e-mail, SMS, web chats, social networks, messengers). The platform also inludes project management and workforce management modules.

Noda Contact Center tools cover all basic needs of a modern call center:
  • queue management;
  • automated call distribution;
  • intelligent routing;
  • IVR menus;
  • outbound call campaigns;
  • project management;
  • customer database and a unified communication history;
  • conversation scripts for agents;
  • centralized call recording;
  • reporting;
  • workforce management;
  • quality control of agents' work;
and a lot more.

Agent workstations are equipped with Noda SoftPhone which provides a single interface for handling calls from various channels, allows to use conversation scripts and draw information from databases of the call center and external systems.


For voice transmission, Noda Contact Center employs VoIP technologies (SIP, H.323) which allow to connect voice gateways and user terminals of various vendors, providing a very wide choice of servers and telecom equipment.

Noda Contact Center can be installed with:
  • Oracle Linux for servers;
  • PostgreSQL DBMS;
  • Ubuntu for workstations.

The platform can also be implemented with inftrastructure based on Microsoft, Oracle, and Redhat software.

Reliability and capacity

When choosing contact center software, it is important to assess its reliability and fault-tolerance levels.

Noda Contact Center's control and management tools ensure 99.99% uptime of your system. This means that the total annual duration of downtime of your call center will be under 5 minutes.

Noda Contact Center can be used to set up contact centers with up to 2,500 agent workstations. The software is flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with numerous external systems.

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