Omni-Channel Call Center Software Solution

The omni-channel approach to serving customers is not just some trendy topic to discuss at CRM conferences or professional communities any more. Businesses increasingly view omni-channel service as a practical issue, altering their services, training their personnel, and introducing and improving instruments for omni-channel communication.

If you are at the stage of choosing technological solutions, or considering ways to improve your omni-channel services, you might be interested to learn how the omni-channel approach is realized in the platform by NODA, the leading Russian provider of contact center solutions.

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How Omni-channel approach is realized in the NODA platform

For over a decade, NODA has been creating fully functional solutions for professional contact centers. Our most well-known product is Noda Contact Center. In 2016, the company’s portfolio was reinforced with the Noda Omni-Channel solution that enables to apply omni-channel strategies in in-house and outsourced contact centers.

First and foremost, Noda Omni-Channel allows to integrate communication with customers along the following groups of channels:
  • Voice calls (phone calls, calls from website or mobile apps, call-back)
  • Queries not requiring immediate response (e-mail, SMS, messages via website forms)
  • Messengers or app chats (Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram)
  • Posts and comments in social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
Omni-channel: e-mail Noda Omni-channel: e-mail

A single queue for calls from various channels

Queries coming through various channels form a single queue with several “mini-queues” inside it. Queries from the single queue are automatically distributed depending on:
  • if there are operators with necessary skills available;
  • customer information;
  • query topic (the data is derived by preprocessing the call via IVR or by analyzing key words of the text message);
  • channel’s characteristics: priority is given to queries from continuous channels (voice communication, messengers, chat);
  • the speed of processing instant messages by different operators.
Noda Omni-channel: SMS

On the whole, when distributing calls the principle of blending operators between channels is used. In practice, it means that the operator can receive the next query from any channel.

A single customer history

To get the whole picture of contacts in different channels and provide the customer with a continued experience of communicating with the company, it is important to accumulate contact data and use it in sales and services. In Noda Omni-Channel, this problem is solved with the help of a single contact history. It contains all communication with a given customer via different channels grouped in chronological order, with all the necessary communication details saved. When operators process a new query, they have immediate access to the whole history of previous contacts with the customer from different channels.
Omni-channel: web-chat Noda Omni-channel: Web Chat

An omni-channel workstation

Research carried out by Forrester Consulting shows that decreasing the average contact handling time by 1 minute allows the company to save millions. In order not to waste the operator’s time while switching between several channels in the process of omni-channel communication, Noda Omni-Channel offers a single workstation for processing contacts from different channels.

An omni-channel workstation allows the operator to:
  • handle queries incoming via various channels in a single user interface, and apply universal service scripts;
  • see the whole history of contacts with the customer;
  • use a shared knowledge base while working with any channel;
  • handle several sessions simultaneously.
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Where Noda Omni-Channel is used

The GRAN contact center was one of the first to use NODA’s omni-channel service instruments. GRAN is one of the leaders on the market of outsourced contact-centers in Russia.

Maxim Kalinkin,
GRAN Contact Center, General Director

– Omni-channel service is the latest trend. Today, we have clients whose share of non-voice communication with their customers is over 50%, therefore we cannot do without omni-channel service. NODA constantly updates and develops our contact center platform, offering new functions for processing e-mails, chats and other types of communication. In Version 6.3 that we have acquired for commercial use, there are additional tools for processing social networks and extended statistics for email processing.

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