Processing Phone Calls. Conversation Scripts

The following text is to give a general understanding of how an operator can handle external calls, both inbound and outbound, with the help of Noda SoftPhone.

Handling inbound calls

Some customers calling the contact center get the information they need unaided, with the help of IVR service. Others are directed to one of the queues depending on the type of their query. While the customer waits for the operator to answer, he or she may listen to music samples, audio commercials or other information. Besides, the customer is periodically informed of the time remaining till their connection.

Having launched Noda SoftPhone and logging in to the call center’s server, the operator can begin to handle the inbound telephone calls immediately. The system supplies the operator with key information referring to the call:
  • subject of the customer’s query;
  • whether the customer is an old or a new one;
  • the number and subjects of queries previously made, etc.

An inbound call script

One of the major benefits of Noda Phone is that the reference conversation script is automatically loaded on the operator’s screen. The system suggests responses most effective for the conversation goals. Besides, during the conversation the operator can put in or change customer information and their answers in appropriate forms.

Script presentation for the operator
If the customer’s problem requires consulting with a more qualified specialist, the operator can invite the specialist to join the call in one of the two modes (prompter mode or conference mode), or forward the call to the specialist directly. After the consultation, the call is forwarded back to the operator or put in another queue, whereas the operator can handle the next call. Read more about agent scripting module.

Handling outbound calls

Noda SoftPhone offers five ways of making an outbound call. You can dial the number with the help of:
  • computer keyboard;
  • virtual keyboard using your mouse;
  • DECT dialer, Wi-Fi or USB phone connected to your computer;
  • the address book;
  • by copying it from a file of another program.
After that, the operator will hear the outbound call signal. If it is impossible to contact the customer at present, the operator can make a repeat call or switch on the “auto redial” mode.

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Customer questionnaires

Similarly to customer conversation scripts, the Noda Phone IP call center system loads questions that the operator is to ask the customer on the operator’s screen. A range of different answers is anticipated, including the call being ended by customer.
See the video how to create a conversation script

When the call is ended, customer information is recorded or updated, as well as the time of the inbound call, the beginning and the end of the conversation and the total duration of call. This data allows to control the operator’s performance and workload at different times of day. Additionally, the operator may record the conversation with the customer to analyze the negative and positive aspects of the interaction.

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