30% lower OPEX

This sale includes software licenses and all Noda Contact Center implementation services free of charge! Noda also guarantees a 30% drop in OPEX over the first full year spent using the new solution.

How does migration work?

Before the process begins, Noda representatives meet with the client to go over the client’s existing contact center infrastructure and figure out what their current OPEX is. 

Noda Contact Center is then rolled out over the next quarter. During that time, the client continues to use the old solution without any additional expenses. 

As soon as Noda Contact Center is in place, operator stations are smoothly migrated by simply disconnecting them from the old platform and connecting them to the new one. Costs are redistributed at this stage: payments made to the old supplier are discontinued, with 70% of their amount paid to Noda. 

Once 100% of operator stations have been migrated, Noda payments are set at 70% of the original sum.

Where the savings come from

Our experience has shown that developed contact centers use 3-5 software solutions provided by different developers at the same time. That makes it critical to integrate them right off the bat and offer ongoing support and updates for each of those solutions. The problem that presents is twofold: not only do costs skyrocket; reliability suffers across the contact center’s entire IT infrastructure.

Fewer supported systems

Noda Contact Center is an all-in-one solution that takes care of everything contact centers need. Our clients no longer have to pay for integration and support multiplied by the number of systems they use.

No more hardware dependence

Hardware independence also drives savings. Noda Contact Center can be rolled out on any Intel-based server, and operator stations just need any computer or laptop equipped with a USB headset.

Less money spent on supporting software and DBMS

The range of supporting software that can be used also widens to even include free system software and DBMS. Noda Contact Center is the only company on the market that can provide operator stations equipped fully with Linux.

Lower support and maintenance costs

The load placed on internal IT departments is also reduced: generally speaking, only one IT specialist is needed for every 100 operator stations when using Noda Contact Center. The contact center's projects are set up almost exclusively by its business users. No programmers are needed, and IT administration is facilitated by a web interface that makes it possible to offer support remotely.


  • This offer is only good for migrations of 200 or more operator stations. 
  • It is a three-year program during which clients cannot replace Noda Contact Center. 
  • Operating expenses are understood to include the cost of system software, administration, and internal support in addition to support for the software complex, servers, and DBMS.

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