Noda CC Lite edition for growing contact centers

Making the right choice!

If you are looking to open your own contact center or would like to significantly expand the one you already have, there are not that many alternatives. You are either forced to pick up an expensive brand-name product that comes with high associated costs for equipment, licensing, and support, or you can try open source products that are unreliable and leave you heavily dependent on developers. A third option is using niche products with limited functionality. Today Noda is offering a new, fast start product: Noda CC Lite Edition. 

Noda Lite Edition

The cost of one competitive operator license is $400, a sum that allows contact centers to be built from the ground up using fresh, fully functional, commercial software.

Lite Edition includes the following modules:

  1. Inbound ACD
  2. IVR
  3. Outbound (preview and progressive)
  4. Recording
  5. Reporting
  6. SoftPhone
  7. Supervisor Desktop
  8. Agent Script (simple scripts)
  9. Personal Client Account (access to reports)

The offer is good for contact centers with up to 100 operators.

A simple upgrade to the full version!

As your center and the demands of your clients grow, NODA offers the possibility to upgrade to the full version, which includes the Advanced Scripting, Quality Management, and Multi-channel modules, as well as an advanced, predictive call mode.

Your infrastructure, your choice

Implementing any informational system requires the purchase of specialized hardware and system software. 

In Noda’s case you choose the equipment and software, as Noda can even be installed to work with open source software. There is no need for you to buy hardphones or special equipment from the manufacturer. All you need is Noda software, a computer, a headset, an Intel server, and telephony and internet connectivity. 

Proprietary Free
Server Operating Systems Red Hat Enterprise Linux Oracle Linux
Desktop Operating Systems MS Windows, Mac OS X Ubuntu
Database Oracle Database PostgreSQL

Grow with Noda

Noda’s client list includes many contact centers that are currently leaders in the BPO and in-house markets. It is crucial that the success of these companies is inextricably linked to Noda Contact Center, a platform that offers the best cost-to-quality ratio, fast start-up, and widened capabilities.
In particular, GRAN, an outsourcing call center, built on Noda software to expand from 50 operators to its current total of more than 700 spread across four separate facilities.

Simply, conveniently, and quickly calculate the cost of Noda Contact Center licenses
Migration to the Noda Contact Center platform comes with a 60% discount on the licenses
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