We offer an on-premise solution with a pay-per-use format. The cost of the software is determined monthly on the basis of the number of user sessions that were documented at peak system usage. If the system is not used during a payment period, the client is not billed.

Today in the software industry the two most common approaches to the deployment and use of software for call centers are on-premise and SaaS.

On-premise VS SaaS

The SaaS model has recently become particularly popular. However aside from the obvious advantages this model has some limitations, which are not always suitable for medium sized and large call centers:

  • The lack of potential in the system for customization and modification.
  • Complex integration with third-party systems.
  • Data security issues. Not everyone is prepared to divulge call recordings and scripts, personal information and other confidential and commercial information to the outside world.
  • Failure to comply with industry standards, which also impose specific requirements regarding software. The banking sector, telecom companies and state-owned companies are ultimately the leaders in this field.

Pay only for what you use!

Noda practice shows that one approach to deploy and use software on a Customer's servers with the option of paying according to the pay-per-use model could offer a happy medium.

There is no difference using this approach from the on-premise model in terms of IT-service. You are still free to determine where the system is actually installed and perform modifications and integration, while the security of confidential commercial information and the implementation of requirements set by industry regulators remain under your full control.

On the other hand you gain a decisive advantage, which your finance department will greatly appreciate. There is now no need for you to invest a substantial amount of money in software all at once.

The cost of software is determined monthly based on the number of user sessions, which were recorded at a peak in the use of the system. The customer will not be charged if the system was not used in a given period. Thus, you pay as you go, you only pay for what you use. It is important to note that this offers the potential for an accelerated start up. If necessary, the system can be launched within a few hours.

From the vendor to the partner

Noda adheres to a partner-client approach in its model of client interaction. According to this model the vendor bears the business risks in terms of the system not being used, which are expressed in the absence of a calculation for system downtime. This partnership position means that Noda is fundamentally different from other vendors. 

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