Noda is a leading developer of software solutions for call centers. We are delighted to offer our partners and customers from the Asia Pacific region a complete solution, designed for the automation of call centers. For over 10 years Noda has been developing and improving its solution. We also provide consulting services to our partners in the implementation and technical support for our product. Together with our partners we have successfully implemented over 800 projects. 

Who are our customers 

Outsourced call centers, telecom operators, banks, large manufacturers, insurance companies, e-business and reservation systems are among our customers. We have a unique solution that would meet all your expectations. We have developed specific solutions for the outsourced and in-house call centers. 

What kind of product we offer 

Noda is a flagship advanced software solution designed to automate the activities of outsourced and in-house call centers. It is one of the most mature and field-proven IP call center solution in the world today. The product is a comprehensive solution that combines an advanced IP call center and an information system for monitoring and campaign control. Today more than 300 call centers operate using Noda solution, with a total capacity of over 10 thousand agent's workplaces. Call centers working with Noda solution serve more than 10 million customers per month. 


Noda for the organization of in-house call centers activity
  • Modern communication tools and calls distribution solutions
  • Easy and quick integration of the existing call centers into information environment
  • Improvement of service quality and customer satisfaction
Noda for the automation of outsourced call centers
  • Launch of a new campaign within 20 minutes
  • Effective management of business processes, campaigns and call centers resources
  • Increasing call centers productivity and efficiency of the call centers agents
  • Quick improvement of the call centers performance without stopping its work
  • The ability to lease licenses for temporary campaigns

What reception facing our product 

  • Backoffice & reception services
  • Telemarketing, surveys and questionnaires
  • Sales lead generation and appointments
  • Customer care
  • Customer retention & recovery
  • Help desk etc.
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