About us

Noda is a developer of software solutions for BPO and Captive call centers. Ever since 2001, the company has offered its specialized product designed for mid-level and major call centers: Noda Contact Center.

Noda Contact Center is the company’s own all-in-one (C++, Java) IP solution. Today more than 350 contact centers exploit Noda’s solution. Among company’s customers are Jaguar Landrover, Inter RAO, MTS, Rostelecom, AVIVA, EFES, FLEETCOR, Amadeus, Karcher, and Zepter International. Noda won the Crystal Headset® CCG Call Center Awards for five times: as the “Best Product for Сall Сenters" 2012, 2015, 2016 and as the "Best Project For Implementation" 2014, 2016.

In 2015 Noda Contact Center was included in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide for the first time. According to iKS-Consulting survey "Outsourced Contact Center Market in Russia, 2018—2023 in 2019 NODA has retained its leadership in the total number of installations for outsourced contact centers with a market share of 33%. On top of that, NODA has had the biggest number of email processing workstations installed (24.6%), and also leads in message processing software installations with 26.3% of the market.

Trends in the Russian BPO segment according to RBC Research and iKS Consulting

Noda Contact Center key advantages

  • All-in-one solution. Inbound ACD, Outbound, IVR, Quality management, Reporting, Agent Scripting, Call Recording, Soft Phone, Omni-Channel and WFM module.
  • High reliability. Our product can handle a heavy flow of phone calls 24/7 with a guaranteed fault tolerance of 99,99%. The productivity of NCC allows clients to create contact centers manned by up to 5000 operators.
  • Cost effective. Excellent price and performance make the product significantly more affordable than its brand-name counterparts.

From Naumen to Noda 

The company was established in 2001 in Russia, where it is known under the Naumen trademark. Naumen develops, implements, and maintains software projects based on their own products (service desk, call center, document management, inventory, sales management, etc.).

Naumen is a member of the Russian TOP-20 software vendors list and has successfully completed more than 1100 projects developing and implementing software solutions for mid-sized and large businesses in Eastern Europe and the CIS. With a staff of over 350 employees, the company operates out of offices in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tver, Chelyabinsk, Sevastopol, Astana and Manila.

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