Magellan Solutions Acquires Noda Contact Center Solution

Magellan’s acquisition of a new all-in-one call center solution aims to improve the company’s IT infrastructure and deliver outstanding customer service to clients.

Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., a fast-growing contact center provider in the Philippines, announced the acquisition of Noda Contact Center Solution to improve its technology infrastructure and provide better customer service to businesses of any size. Noda is a leading Russian software solutions developer with its wealth of achievements now spanning across BPO industries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Important: “The acquisition of Noda Contact Center Solutions strengthens Magellan Solutions’ capability to deliver fully integrated call center solutions that enable us to manage the customers of businesses more efficiently than ever. This will significantly boost operational performance,” said Fred Chua, Chief Executive Officer of Magellan Solutions.

Chua said that Noda’s Contact Center Solution is a recent addition to Magellan’s two reliable call center systems. “We chose Noda’s call center software to significantly improve our service to new and existing clients, deliver shorter turnaround time per campaign, and reduce downtime situations. Noda’s service experience and innovation align perfectly with our growth strategy.” Chua said Noda’s proven track record in improving the operational efficiency of contact centers is definitely a result of having worked with many of the world’s largest and sophisticated organizations. Established in 2001, Noda realized over 800 projects, and developed over 300 contact centers across Central Europe and Central Asia. MTS, AVIVA, EFES, Amadeus, Karcher and Zepter count as among Noda’s satisfied customers. 

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