Raiffeisenbank Russia Implements Noda WFM To Manage Its Contact Center Workload

NODA has completed the installation of its Noda Workforce Management system at the contact center of Raiffeisenbank, one of the largest commercial banks in the country. The WFM system provides high-precision workload forecasts for over 500 contact center agents on the basis of historical data, compiles a flexible schedule taking into account employees’s preferences, and allows to monitor their activities, aggregating data from various systems.

The Bank's contact center processes over 15,000 calls and chats daily. In this context, the main aim of WFM system implementation was to automate the workload management processes of the contact center. As a result, the time spent on scheduling has gone down from 1.5-3 hours to 5-7 minutes, and the monthly forecast of the volume of calls and the corresponding need in agents can be made in just 10-15 minutes with a 90-% precision.

"To optimize the work of our contact center and boost customer experience, we actively employ automation technologies. In the past, we used to build our workload forecasts and work schedules manually. The implementation of the Noda WFM system has allowed us to streamline these processes and speed them up, freeing our employees's working hours so they can work on more important tasks" , said Irma Metreveli who heads Raiffeisenbank’s department of remote customer services.

Currently, the necessary number of agents and the future workload are calculated by Noda WFM on the basis of historical data: the system creates schedules that take into account employees's skills and their experience of working in text and voice channels. Agents can check the schedule via their personal accounts, where they can submit a request for changing their work schedule, trade shifts, and state individual preferences regarding their schedule.

There is another novelty in the contact center operations: online monitoring tools show the employees' status in two systems simultaneously. The WFM system keeps track of the agents' availability in non-voice chats and Avaya, enabling to monitor their activity regardless of their authorization. At Raiffeisenbank Noda WFM has also been integrated with the system of personnel records of the contact center employees and the chat platform, so it operates with both the newest personnel data and the historical dialogue statistics and agents' online activity data.

To comply with the bank's security requirements, a role-based access control system was established for agents, managers, and analysts, and their authorization parameters set up.

"With the new WFM system, Raiffeisenbank can not only speed up their scheduling process, but also analyze their agents' workload. Besides, the system's user-friendly interface and automated scheduling tools allowed the Bank to redistribute their specialists' and CEOs' man-hours" , said Roman Belyaev, NODA Director for WFM systems.


AO Raiffeisenbank, a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, is one of the largest Russian banks in terms of assets and has been included in the list of systemically important Russian banks. Raiffeisenbank Russia is a highly-developed universal banking institution which offers a full range of services to retail and corporate customers. The bank is active on the currency and interbank markets. It has a strong position both in retail and corporate lending, including lending to small and medium-sized businesses.

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