Rosgosstrakh IT Support Service Switches to Noda SMP Platform

To improve the quality of processing queries from external and in-house customers, Rosgosstrakh insurance company has transferred its IT customer support service to Noda Service Management Platform (Noda SMP).

The company, which has been using NODA products since 2015 to process calls from external and in-house clients, now has upscaled it to include service management processes. Noda SMP platform, which has replaced a foreign solution, is designed for bigger loads and can receive and process applications from over 50,000 employees who work in 1,600 geographically distributed Rosgosstrakh offices, as well as from all the customers of the company, including private individuals.

The project has united separate structures that supported different branches and offices into a single support service, raising transparency of the services provided and speeding up application processing. Among other things, paper forms were substituted by electronic applications, which made the process much quicker and provided employees with a more convenient access to information resources.

The company's employees communicate with IT support service through a self-service portal set up by NODA specialists; it allows to fill application forms and monitor their status. The portal is accessible outside of the corporate Intranet, so employees have a round-the-clock access to services and can get feedback on their applications in real time.

The company has also launched a chat bot on the Noda Erudite platform. The bot helps employees fill application forms and manage them via a chat on the corporate website and in the Telegram messenger where they have to go through an identification procedure. In the chat room, employees can send new applications to the support service, start dialogues about their existing applications, review solutions and accompanying commentaries. The bot can help cancel or alter an application, close it or add a commentary, and senior staff can approve or reject applications.

To simplify application processing, several procedures have been automated, such as incident management and service requests, massive disruption management, change management, as well as management of information system access requests. Requests for approval and execution can routed by configuring the system without engaging the developer. Integration of Noda SMP with the contractor systems, VIRTU and EPAM, allows to synchronize request data. The platform also interacts with the company website, the services of Russian Auto Insurers Association, the electronic signature solution, and other internal Rosgosstrakh systems.

On top of IT support requests, Noda SMP accepts applications for other company services.

"Noda SMP has proved to be a very flexible and fault-tolerant solution. The implementation of Noda platform has enabled us to raise the automation level and expand it to IT and other internal company services. However, it is much more important that its integration capabilities make it possible to execute non-standard business processes, such as correcting the bonus-malus coefficient of third-party only car insurance, process queries from the Russian Central Bank, Russian Auto Insurers Association and other organizations. For this purpose, over 700 procedures for processing customer requests have been set up and automated," explains Andrey Nikitin, Rosgosstrakh IT Deputy Head.

In future, the company plans to automate new IT processes, e.g. problem management and configuration.

"Today, innovative companies undergo large-scale modernization, transforming their business models. A new model of process management on the basis of a single all-in-one platform allows to cut labor costs and achieve business effects faster due to digitalization, smart technologies and instruments, including low-code, AI, and also data analysis tools. Our platform totally covers these requirements," sums up Dmitry Rubin, Director of NODA IT and Services Automation Department.


Rosgosstrakh (, is a major insurance player on the Russian market and part of Bank Otkritie Group. It has over 1,600 offices across the Russian Federation. The company has about 50 thousand employees and insurance agents. On October 6 2021, Rosgosstrakh will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

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