Mosenergosbyt Assistant Bot on Noda Erudite Platform Launched in Yandex.Alice

Mosenergosbyt, a major Russian electricity provider, has taught its assistant bot operating on Noda Erudite platform to accept meter readings via Yandex.Alice. This function also allows customers to check their account balance, possible debt and the sum of their last payment. Mosenergosbyt's virtual assistant informs how you can pay for electricity and explains what to do in cases of blackouts or voltage swings.

The bot is activated through a voice command: "Alice, launch Mosenergosbyt function". This function is available on all gadgets with embedded Alice voice assistant: in Yandex mobile apps and browser, as well as in the Yandex Station smart speaker. Customers can interact with the AI assistant via voice commands or a text chat. For quick and easy problem-solving, during the conversation the bot uses help buttons with answer options and links to Mosenergosbyt services, e.g. the personal account on the company website.

The integration of the chat bot on Noda Erudite and Yandex.Dialogues platform allows to use Alice as a channel for receiving customer queries and an conversational interface. Noda Erudite receives questions via Alice, defines their meaning, requests additional information within its script and forms an answer which is posted in the chat or voiced by the voice bot. Noda AI platform interacts with the interior Mosenergosbyt information systems, making it possible to identify customers by their personal account number and provice data on their bills and payments in the course of the conversation.

"At Mosenergosbyt, we always try to move with the times, so we are expanding our digital customers services," says Andrey Kovalyov, Mosenergosbyt General Director.

"Our partnership with Mosenergosbyt in automating customer services began in 2014; together, we strive to make the most sought-after services more accessible. Each month, Noda Erudite voice bots take 400+ thousand calls from Mosenergosbyt customers," explains Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotics Department at NODA. "The new skill launched in such a popular channel as Alice, allows the customers to get a consultation or a service swiftly and easily."


Mosenergosbyt, one the of the largest Russian energy companies, provides about 8% of all the electricity consumed in the country. The company operates in Moscow and the Moscow region and is part of Inter RAO Group.

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