Noda Contact Center Helps Samolet Property Developer Boost Sales and Customer Service

NODA and Samolet Group, one of the largest Russian real estate developers, have completed the project of contact center modernization on the basis of Noda Contact Center platform. As a result, the company has changed over to the all-in-one model, when all the contact center tasks are managed through a single software solution.

With Noda Contact Center, the company can manage the quality of inbound and outbound call processing, use the platform's omni channel capabilities, auto-dialing and the Smart-IVR interactive voice menu, as well as analyze conversation recordings and control agent performance through 40 report templates. Automated outbound campaigns have raised agent utilization from 40% to 70%, while conversion rose to 65-70%. As a result of the project, the level of service in inbound call processing grew to 95/5, and the average inbound call handling time in the first queue has been reduced to 90 seconds. Besides, the share of lost calls has been brought down to zero.

Previously, Samolet contact center ran on Avaya, but as the business expanded, it became obvious that the platform needed an upgrade. Having assessed the perspectives of upgrading the Avaya platform, the company's top management decided to substitute it with Noda Contact Center. NODA's implementation partner in this case was a German integrator SoftBCom Berlin GmbH.

Currently, the new platform is used by over 100 agents and managers performing various functions and providing services to potential customers, e.g. property purchases, mortgage and commercial rent, as well as services for tenants, such as maintenance issues and charged services. Call routing is carried out automatically in accordance with preset rules and the agents' skills.

"The implementation of Noda Contact Center has expanded our contact center's digital capabilities. The new solution features voice assistants that have already taken 30% of load off our live agents by answering the most frequently asked questions. Besides, it allows us to implement voice biometrics. The smart system will not only identify customers against the database, but also read their basic emotion to connect them with a manager of a matching psychological type. We hope it will help us boost sales," says Olga Balagurova, Customer Service Director at Samolet. "Even now, the number of manual operations in inbound and outbound call processing has been minimized, increasing our employees' performance and the effectiveness of contact processing. Our company's key success criteria are the growth of customer service level and an increase in the call-to-purchase conversion."

"We realize how important it is to have user-friendly business management tools; therefore, we always take into account the needs of business users over the IT staff when developing out products," stressed Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotics Department at NODA. "Managers and supervisors can make adjustments to the voice menu and call processing on their own, and make swift changes in the composition of project teams. This helps to improve operational management and reduces the costs of IT support of the contact center."

The platform is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company's WhatsApp corporate account and the back-end system, plus "" social network which belongs to the property management company and registers the residents' requests. "", being not just a back-end system of the management company, but also a social platform, helps residents of the same block or apartment building form social ties.

System authorization of employees is carried out through integration with Active Directory; to start work, they don't have to log in or enter a password once again. The system has two scripts for inbound call processing which are used in two different projects and are launched automatically, depending on the channel (phone calls or "" website). When an inbound call comes through, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM card with embedded conversation scripts pops up automatically in the agent's working window. Following the scripts, agents classify the topic of the call, qualify the caller and enter the information provided by the caller into the card. If this is a call from website, the system automatically opens the CRM card on the website.

On the technical development stage, special attention was given to the issues of reliability. Due to the clustered architecture of the solution, in case of main server failure the system switches over to the backup server automatically. In this case, the only calls lost are those being processes or waiting in the queue. The processing of new calls is handled by the back-up server. This simple scheme reduced down-time from one minute to several seconds, and the loss of statistical data is possible within no more than a 10 minute period.


Samolet Group is one of the TOP-5 Russian real estate developers in terms of the amount of construction in progress. Samolet specializes in implementation of large-scale projects of integrated development of territories, which envisages construction of social infrastructure facilities and job creation alongside the first stages of residential property development. The Group has been included into the list of backbone enterprises by the Russian state. NODA Group is a Russian software & cloud solutions vendor, and a technological digital transformation partner of many Russian companies and state authorities. NODA offers solutions in digital infrastructure management, customer communications and services. The company's portfolio includes a wide range of products and solutions for innovations and R&D management, decision making and knowledge transfer support, AI technologies for end-to-end business processes, forecast analytics and big data processing. Every month, virtual employees and assistants developed by the company solve millions of tasks.

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