Gazprombank Deploys Noda WFM At Its Bank Branches

Noda Workforce Management (WFM), implemented at Gazprombank branches to plan the work of the staff, has helped to cut the number of unserved customers by half. The labor costs of scheduling at branch banks have been reduced five times.

Noda WFM allows to set up an individual schedule for each employee, ensuring optimal distribution of resources and speeding up customer services while retaining the service quality.

Noda solution is based on analyzing historical data on customer queries from the electronic queuing system. For example, the forecast of the total number of queries is based on the customer flow and the number of queries for a particular service, basing on the data from the electronic queuing system.

"In planning the work of banking outlets, we have to account for multiple factors, including periods of peak loads, waiting time KPIs, as well as vacation schedules, sick leaves and periods of training, said Aleksandr Drobin, acting Head of Sales and Services Standards at Gazprombank Customer Services. "The heads of our 343 bank branches used to spend 35 thousand hours per annum on scheduling. It became obvious that we needed a tool for predicting the number of customer calls and building automated work schedules based on algorithms of advanced analytics".

"At the current implementation stage, we managed to swiftly and seamlessly integrate Noda WFM solution into the existing IT infrastructure and processes of Gazprombank", stressed Roman Belyaev, Head of NODA WFM Solutions."Today, the WFM system allows to cut the labor costs of building efficient work schedules for our client's staff, and check if they comply with the schedules".

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