Noda KMS Helps Uralsib Bank Boost Customer Consulting Quality

NODA has successfully implemented its knowledge management solution, Noda KMS, at the contact center of Uralsib Bank.

Contact center agents have been supplied with a single source of knowledge developed on the basis of Noda KMS. The content, which used to be stored in various network folders, now is can be found in a unified knowledge base with a fast search system. The content structure in the knowledge base has been developed from scratch and is based on the frequency of use: information is easier to find, AHT has been reduced, and the quality of answers customers receive from the agents has grown by 30%. 

"Our client's purpose was to quit using web services and miscellaneous documents altogether, so the content was first transferred to the knowledge base and then adapted, its structure and contents overhauled. After a designated content manager had been appointed, the overhaul of materials in the knowledge base went on even faster, so we managed to obtain qualitative improvements in agent performance indicators, " says Alexey Zobnin who heads Noda KMS .

The customer service quality was greatly improved by implementing an embedded personalized update feed displaying all content changes. A system of notifications ensures that agents familiarize themselves with the information: employees confirm they have read key notifications by taking a mini-test or clicking on a button.

To raise the knowledge management efficiency, NODA team offered a learning course on knowledge management principles, providing the content manager with instructions on knowledge base operations, creating and editing new articles. This made the material comprehensible even for new employees.

"Along with deploying Noda KMS, we changed our service processes. New broader responsibilities we had given our employees could have led to increases in the call handling time. However, this did not happen; on the contrary, the average handle time dropped, confirming that the new knowledge base operates efficiently," says Mikhail Zhuchkov, Head of Digital Services Development for Small Business Customers at Uralsib.

The next stage of collaboration between NODA and Uralsib Bank will involve connecting over a hundred of sales reps and specialists from other company departments.

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