NODA Solutions Optimize Customer Services At Kuck & Schmidt Contact Center In Germany

Kuck & Schmidt GmbH, an outsourced contact center located in Berlin, Germany, has implemented NODA solutions to optimize its call processing and service request management. Noda Contact Center and Noda Service Desk were used as a basis for creating a single working interface that will help Kuck & Schmidt agents serve over 260 projects in Germany and other German-speaking countries. The project was implemented by NODA's partner in Europe—SoftBCom Berlin GmbH.

The key result of the project was integrating call processing and service request management in a single working window, carried out by SoftBCom Berlin team. Kuck & Schmidt specializes in outsourcing complex multi-step processes, such as receiving and addressing insurance claims. The company had used a communication platform by a US developer for call processing and a third-party information system for servicing. The agents had to work in two different interfaces, switching between windows.

Jörn Schmidt, Kuck & Schmidt GmbH Managing Partner: "During our 22 years of operation, we had a chance to work with various contact center solution vendors, including global players. Unfortunately, in emergency situations our calls to support often took a long time to be answered, and the hourly payments were skyrocketing. With NODA, our experience so far has been nothing but positive. The communication platform and the service request management system are very stable, and support is professional and timely".

A single interface has helped to provide services faster and boost the employees' KPIs. The information which agents enter into the form, such as the time and topic of the call, is automatically transferred to Noda Service Desk where you can monitor the progress and the due date of completing the request. After the request has been fulfilled, the system initiates a follow-up call between the agent and the customer. Agents can connect to the platform either from home or from the office .

The customers of Kuck & Schmidt get reports from the contact center on its accessibility and service quality. The reports can be scheduled or sent upon request. Mikhail Chereshnev, Chief Operational Officer, Noda (Global): We see a great potential for our products on the European market, especially in Germany, where we have an active working partner, SoftBCom Berlin GmbH. Kuck & Schmidt is not the only German outsourced contact center to have chosen our platform for optimizing its services".

Vladimir Dudchenko, SoftBCom Berlin GmbH Director: "Within the Kuck & Schmidt project we have solved the problem of standardizing and improving the manageability of multiple projects. The integrated NODA solution has made it possible to run the projects with fewer agents and also has simplified transferring the staff to remote work".


Kuck & Schmidt GmbH has been operating as an outsourced contact center both in Germany and on the global market for over 20 years. The list of the company's corporate clients includes both German and international players in various sectors: the German Red Cross, Panasonic, Danone, the German elevator and escalator manufacturer ТyssenKrupp, Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf Bank, Corestate Capital investment group, HSK shower cubicles manufacturer, App2drive car sharing service, and SCHUFA credit bureau.

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