NODA Helps Medinvest Group Automate Its Contact Center Services for Patients

Noda Contact Center platform has been used to automate the operations of Medinvest Group Contact Center. The communication platform automates call processing and provides the contact center with a 99.99 percent fault-tolerance.

Noda platform replaced a previous solution which did not meet the fault-tolerance standards and had a very limited reporting capacity. Noda solution enables Medinvest Group Contact Center to route the inbound calls among more than 30 regional branches. The system identifies callers basing on their phone number and area code. Inbound calls are distributed among contact center agents with the help of IVR scripts which account for days off, holidays and short shifts. During the off-hours, the callers hear a prerecorded announcement about the clinics' working hours.

The contact center agents used to be overwhelmed with outbound calls to patients, as they had to procure phone numbers from various sources, including paper documents, and dial them manually. This process required a much higher automation level. Now, when the agent enters a phone number, a customer file pops up on the screen and is saved in the system automatically when the call is over.

"The COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased the load on all our clinics. This could not but affect the work of our contact center. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, the average daily number of inbound calls has grown 1.5 times. Failures of telephone systems became more frequent" , noted Yana Gudym, General Director of Medinvest Contact Center. "After we had switched over to Noda Contact Center, the operations of our contact center became more stable. Automation of various processes helped us cope with the growing load without hiring additional staff. Besides, we acquired efficient tools for analysys and service quality control".

"Health clinics and the world healthcare system in general are under immense pressure caused, among other things, by the necessity to provide patients with digital services", says Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA. "In this situation, it is vital to be one step ahead and implement technologies that bear potential for further growth".


Medinvest Group is a Russian developer of large-scale medical projects. The company's vast experience and high level of expertize enable it to engage in national health projects in accordance with current medical needs and priorities. Medinvest Group health centers are among the top-5 largest Russian multispecialty clinics.

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