NODA Boosts Its Product Portfolio With Corporate Learning Management System

NODA has bolstered its partnership with MinervaSoft, a Russian knowledge and learning management systems developer. As a result of the deal reached by the parties, NODA has supplemented its product portfolio with a Learning Management System (NODA LMS). At present, the solution is used by the QIWI and Sovcombank contact centers.

Noda LMS can help large and medium-scale companies build a corporate learning ecosystem for all categories of employees. With Noda LMS, the processes of personnel on-boarding, adaptation, and training are partially automated and sped up by 50%. It also simplifies testing and surveying procedures. Advanced gamification techniques and a system of rating enhance the employees' involvement in training. Besides, Noda LMS lets you transfer your corporate learning online, make dramatic cuts to the cost of training and boost the overall knowledge level in the company.

"The skill level of employees is vital for the performance of all departments; moreover, it affects the customer experience, HR strategy and its realization, the service level inside the company, and the quality of many other processes. Therefore, NODA's primary focus is developing solutions that raise the efficiency of corporate personnel management, so that each employee can have opportunities for professional growth in accordance with their preferences and aims,” says Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA. "We are sure that our expanded partnership with MinervaSoft will enable us to reach this goal and introduce an innovative product that will help companies change their approach to learning management".

Noda LMS features various formats of learning materials and embedded control tools and allows users to create full-scale training programs for different departments. The solution can be integrated with NODA Knowledge Management System, so that its content can be used in learning courses and tests. The data in both systems is automatically synchronized, while users get notified of all the changes.

"Noda LMS is a learning ecosystem which not only trains, but also gives the employees, with all their different aims and interests, motivation for continued development without overworking them. The courses, tests, and skills required for promotion can be viewed in the employee's skill chart, making the learning process transparent for all its participants", remarks  Andrey Zobnin, MinervaSoft CEO." I'm sure that in cooperation with NODA, we will be able to carry out plenty of large-scale projects which require complex solutions for developing employee skills and raising corporate  knowledge level".

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