German Profil24 Contact Center Transfers Customers Services to Noda Platform

Profil24, a contact center outsourced by car rental companies in Germany and Austria, has transferred its operations to Noda Contact Center platform. The new solution secured the company's business continuity and helped cut costs during the pandemic. The project was implemented by NODA's partner, SoftBCom Berlin, a German systems integrator.

Noda Contact Center solution features a single working window which helps speed up customer services and personnel training. The single window can be used to process both voice and text messages, including faxes and e-mails. Some agents work remotely via a web application which does not require PC installation. The web interface connection, which is easy to use, has reduced the cost of technical support and expanded teleworking practices.

All the projects run by Profil24 were documented and unified. Setup and configuration were carried out by supervisors without any help from IT specialists. Supervisors were given access to reporting, monitoring and control tools.

The choice of Noda platform enabled Profil24 to migrate seamlessly from the outdated solution based on several miscellaneous products.

"With the transition to Noda platform, the company has gained the opportunity to expand its range of services and increase the number of projects without jeopardizing service quality. It has become easier for managers to monitor the work of agents, whom they can transfer from one project to another without lengthy retraining,” said Vladimir Dudchenko, Director of SoftBCom Berlin GmbH.

"Noda Contact Center is increasingly becoming the instrument of choice for contact centers in Germany. The reason is simple: it is a technologically mature product with high-quality technical support and design expertise of our partner SoftBCom Berlin,"said Mikhail Chereshnev, Chief Operational Officer, Noda (Global).


Since 1993, Profil24 Group has been the outsourced partner of car rental companies in Germany and Austria. It also offers its own car rentals under the Profil Autovermietung brand. The company manages a service center and several service points in Germany. Profil24 contact center is located in Berlin. On top of round-the-clock support for car rental customers, Profil24 runs outsourced projects for airlines, logistics, insurance and other companies.

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