NODA Technologies Help Rigla Pharmacy Chain Unite 6,000 Outlets Within A Single Call Center

NODA has successfully implemented a unified contact center project for PROTEK Group's retail branch, which includes 5,900 pharmacies under "Rigla", "Bud' Zdorov", and "Zdravcity Apteka" brands.

The project boosted the rate and quality of digital customer services, with pharmacies taking calls on the website and a share of questions answered by a chatbot. The contact center load forecasting and agent scheduling processes have also been automated.

Rigla opted out of outsourcing contact center services in favor of setting up its own contact center based on several NODA products: Noda Contact Center omnichannel communication platform, Noda Erudite intelligent platform for creating voice and chat bots, and Noda WFM workforce management system.

"The launch of our own contact center based on NODA technologies has enabled us to boost controllability and flexibility of our main business processes. Integration of our call center platform with the company's CRM system has brought our personalized customer services to a whole new level", said Marina Lagovskaya, Rigla Marketing Director.

Customer calls across all formats within the Rigla chain are processed by a single pool of agents with universal skills. The system of voice call and chat processing can seamlessly switch calls between bots and live agents. The chatbot on the website helps customers check their order status, activate loyalty cards and search for the nearest outlet. Besides, it helps to check out the availability and prices of healthcare products in all three formats of the chain. The search filter includes city and location of the outlet, and also medicine dosage. Noda Erudite AI bot has reduced the load of live agents significantly.

The WFM system builds workload forecasts for the united contact center of the pharmacy chain, and the forecasts are used to build work schedules which account for the availability of the agents, some working remotely. Agents can monitor the schedule and requets changes in their work patterns via a mobile app.

"More and more companies opt for a comprehensive approach to digital services which simplifies management, support, and modifications. To meet this need, NODA is developing a product ecosystem for customer service and experience management which interact seamlessly, helping businesses restructure their processes and promptly react to any changes on the market,” noted Sergey Popov, Head of Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA.

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