ICCCE 2013: Further Growth of the Philippine Contact Center Industry

Benedict Fernandez, president of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines, praised the Philippine's spot as a top global destination of contact centers closed a three-day International Industry Conference held for the first time in Cebu.

"Everything is on a roll," said Benedict Fernandez, president of the Contact Center Assocation of the Philippines, who gave the final message to over 2,000 delegates of the International Contact Center conference and Expo 2013, where Noda Interaction Platforms being a Co-Presenter. 

Fernandez led the assembly in a pledge of commitment of further growth for the Philippine industry, which notched 18 percent year-on-year revenue growth in 2012, hiring almost 500,000 employees and earning US$8.7 billion. Mr. Hernandez also said that by the end of 2016, revenues are expected to hit $16.3 billion, and total employment, 915,000.
Important: By the end of 2016, revenues are expected to hit $16.3 billion, and total employment, 915,000.

Gartner Vice-President for Research TJ Singh, speaking at the same conference, affirmed that the Philippines has developed a niche in business process outsourcing (BPO) but said that the country must extend this further as the industry shifts from offshoring to a global delivery network model.

Mr. Singh said the IT-BPO industry is competitive, with around 4,000 players worldwide, and while the Philippines is a strong part of the ecosystem, there are threats from emerging players in Asia-Pacific and from new technology innovations.

“From the old world, where it’s predominantly voice, the industry is shifting towards new world where there is a more industrialized environment,” he said. “To ensure contact center growth, you must be prepared to cannibalize some of your services. You need to develop automation services to move up the value chain,” he said.

This year Andrey Zaitsev, Noda CEO, shared the company's vision of automation of processes of contact centers presenting to audience the all-in-one (C++, Java) Noda Contact Center IP solution. Today more than 300 contact centers exploit Noda’s solution, among which are MTS, AVIVA, EFES, Amadeus, Karcher, and Zepter International. Noda received the “Best Product of 2012 for Сall Сenters in Eastern Europe and Central Asia" award at CCWF 2012.

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