Moscow Calling: Take a reference visit to call centers in Russia

Take a reference visit to call centers in Russia, based on Noda Contact Centers Solution 

  • Are you having difficulty making a choice in favor of one or another solution? 
  • Do you think that product demonstrations given as a presentation do not give a true picture of how they work? 
If you need to upgrade your call center, and you've set project deadlines and agreed on the budget, then we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to visit the largest call centers in the CIS region to make the ultimate choice of solution and technology supplier. 

In the course of a business trip you will visit centers operating in various business sectors: Telecom, BPO, and retail. Call center owners and executive managers (CEO, CTO) will attend the meetings and share the secrets of their own success with you. In the process of the product demonstration, you will be able to see the way the Noda Contact Center solution is used by the operators, supervisors, and others, along with opportunities it provides. 

You will be accompanied by Noda specialists throughout. You will be able to ask questions and seek advice on how to use the specific elements and individual feature solutions of Noda Contact Center with respect to your own business in the most effective way. 


The program is aimed at managers of medium- and large-scale call centers that are in the process of choosing a system and a partner. We invest our time and our clients' time, and therefore we have certain requirements for potential participants. 


  • Participation is free 
  • We welcome integrators and service providers for medium- and large-scale call centers 
  • It is necessary to send your request by email: Send request 
  • Please wait for our representative to call you in order to agree upon the terms of your participation in the program

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