Noda’s February workshop attracts more than 70 participants

On February 13, 2013 we successfully held an event for Noda's partners and clients to discuss the Rising Efficiency of Contact Centers.

Initially we planned this as a mid-size event with around 40 accredited participants, including executives and technicians of BPO, contact centers and telecom operators. 

However the interest in the Noda Contact Center solution is so high, we had to increase the number of accredited participants. The event on February 13 was a great success and we had over 78 potential customers and partners visiting us.

During event Noda CEO Andrey Zaitsev, co-founder and CTO Anton Patrushev, and country manager Slava Varlamov, shared their unique experience in the creation of biggest call centers; and how Noda Contact Center all-in-one solution can benefit and maximize call center’s business efficiency.

Mr. John Jed Cruz from Teledata talked about the experience of being partners with Noda. He shared ambitious plans both companies have for the future. 

Noda, Teledata and Magellan Solutions       

Mr. John Jed Cruz, Teledata Chief Technical Officer 

Slava Varlamov, Noda Country manager

Q&A session

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