Noda is concluding its first deal in the Philippines

At the beginning of January 2013, the Noda Interaction Platforms launched its first project for automation of contact centers in the Philippines. During the first phase, 100 workstations will be automated at the Magellan Solutions Contact Center, using Noda’s own system. 

Magellan Solutions is a large outsourcing contact center with 600 workstations serving customers from Great Britain, New Zealand, and Australia. According to preliminary estimates, the Noda Contact Center will start working on the Russian project as early as March 2013, and its preliminary operation will have started by the end of February. 

The system integrator Teledata, a partner of Noda in the Philippines, is implementing the project. Noda Interaction Platforms specialists provided training for the Teledata engineers, and Russian specialists will be available to provide expert support. 

The Noda Contact Center is a package solution from one vendor for the automation of contact centers. It is notable for its high reliability and assured fault-tolerance of 99.999%, its cross-platform and hardware independence, simple third-party business system integration, attractive licensing policy, and user-friendly graphic interface. According to the customer, no difficulties were observed in the migration of the Magellan Solutions Contact Center’s existing functionality to the Noda Contact Center system. 

Given the large number of outsourcing contact centers in the Philippines, the Noda Contact Center will allow Magellan Solutions to strengthen its position in the market and become more attractive to customers. 
  • A Quality-Management subsystem makes it possible to measure and monitor the quality of operators’ work. 
  • The integrated workstation allows the operator to see all necessary data in one window (CRM, billing, help desk), thus improving operators’ efficiency.
  • Of particular note is the possibility of mixing incoming and outgoing calls, thereby increasing the efficiency of operators to a considerable extent. 
“Among the benefits of the Noda Contact Centers, our client notes the user-friendly and easy-to-use package to develop IVR scripts and call scripts; the advanced reporting system with integration of call statistics and content of customer communications (answers to questions, communication results, etc.); and online reports at the supervisor’s workstation,” says Andrey Zaytsev, Director General of Noda Interaction Platforms. 

Vyacheslav Varlamov, the Director of the Noda Interaction Platforms representative office in the Philippines, mentions that the Noda Contact Center is generating keen interest among local partners and customers. Several potential deals are currently in progress and the company intends to implement new projects during the coming year.

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