Training Sessions for TIM’s Technical and Sales Specialists

In the December 2013 Noda completed training sessions for Total Information Management’s technical and sales specialists.

Noda’s team of technical leaders and engineers used the training sessions to share exclusive, first-hand insight with our new partner’s technical and sales teams, an audience that included product architects, IT managers, technical and sales specialists.

The training on Noda Contact Center included such areas as:

  • Beginning setup for an agent workplace (NCC Softphone)
  • Quick launch for outbound projects using powerful agent scripting module
  • Multichannel project settings
  • Quality management systems
  • Setting IVR scripts
  • Setting the structure for database reporting

TIM’s staff came through with flying colors, as their technicians took just 20 minutes to install a new inbound project in NCC. They highlighted the convenience and flexibility of NCC’s interface, noting that everything can be done and adjusted using just two clicks. Preferred settings can be adjusted in a single window.

Noda’s partners enjoy access to a variety of technical and educational materials for NCC, including the tutorials and manuals offered on Noda’s website. For more information on training and support, visit this page.

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