In Pursuit of Excellence — The Birth of a New Generation of Call Centers in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — March 28, 2014 — Noda Interaction Platforms, a leading developer of software solution for in-house and outsourced contact centers, holds the First Annual Noda Contact Centers Forum 2014 (NCCF) to support Philippine outsourcing industry and the emergence of a new generation of call centers. 

As the call centres industry in the Philippines is under the need to adopt ways to retain its number 1 status, the NCC Forum seeks viable responses to business concerns in terms of call centers’ operational efficiency, implementing new technological developments and raising efficiency of call center agents.

The plenary session entitled “New Challenges for in-House and outsourcing contact centers in the Philippines” tackles critical aspects and trends of the future development and improvement of the call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) industries in the Philippines to address the challenges the country faces, and respond sufficiently. The underlying theme is, “all hands on deck” approach is a must — as sweeping changes in the behaviour of consumers are already forcing call centres to begin transforming themselves so as not to lose clients.

“The future success of the Philippines on the global voice outsourcing market depends primarily not on low costs of workers, but on the quality of the services offered and how well resources are utilized and expenses streamlined. There are two main success drivers. The first is highly qualified management that pays fixed attention to boosting call center efficiency and streamlining expenses while also boosting income at the same time. That, coupled with next generation IT solutions, enhances performance by automating all major business processes.” - said Andrey Zaitsev, CEO at Noda Interaction Platforms.

The NCC Forum also serves as a strategic venue to raise important questions regarding the rising requirements from the call centres customers, and demand for producing a much higher quality of skilled workers through specialised degree courses. According to the IBPAP roadmap, improved educational support for call centers workers would better support current accounts and accommodate future market needs.

CCAP Executive Director and Chairman Jojo Uligan underscores that employees' skill sets must be reinforced as early as possible to avoid a “mismatch” between the knowledge acquired from formal education and the demands of requirements from contact centers' customers. The types of calls the contact center agents receive now are vastly different from what they used to be more than a decade ago.

Aside from Mr. Uligan, the speakers for this year's NCC Forum are from Noda Interaction Platforms, the event host/organizer, IBPAP Executive Director for Talent Management Penny Bongato, Contact Center World (CCW) Association President Raj Wadhwani, and Chalre Associates Executive Search Founder and Chairman Richard Mills. The host and facilitator of the plenary session is Kim Bernardo-Lokin, a former member of the Philippines' House of Representatives, managing editor of Business+Class Magazine and business columnist The Manila Times.

The NCC Forum and its preceding session stress that growing global industry requirements and solutions have to be formulated collectively and collaboratively by several parties: in-house and outsourcing call centers, professional organisations (CCAP, IBPAP), and the national government. Readiness and willingness to adopt new and more innovative solutions that would elevate the level of operational efficiency of the call center environment and raise a call centers’ agents productivity is a mission-critical and business element that needs to be faced in an age where the only constant is change.

The first part of the plenary session includes production for the second episode of BPO Talks, an online talk show focusing on the lucrative contact center industry, and featuring BPO executives and other industry stakeholders.

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About Noda Interaction Platforms

For more than 13 years, Noda Interaction Platforms has specialized in the development of a series of software for call center automation. Noda Contact Center is the company’s own all-in-one (C++, Java) IP solution. Today, more than 300 contact centers exploit Noda’s solution. Among the company’s customers are MTS, AVIVA, EFES, Amadeus, Karcher, and Zepter International. Noda received the “Best Product of 2012 for Call Centers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia" award at CCWF 2012, and “The Best Implementation of Soft Into Call Center 2014” at Contact Center World Forum 2014.

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