Forbes: Why Entrepreneurs Are Jumping Ship for Asia

Noda Interaction Platforms was featured in Forbes Russia.

According to Forbes, it used to be that the US and Europe were the first stops for Russian IT companies trying to break out of Russia, a well-trodden path that has seen the likes of Kaspersky Lab, ABBYY, and Evernote. But the center of gravity seems to have shifted eastward, to Asia.

Noda Contact Center, the first pay-per-use solution in the Philippines that works simultaneously across several communication channels. In 2011 the Philippines for the first time was able to chase down India, the long-time leader of the global call center market. According to the Business Process Association of the Philippines, by 2016 the Philippine call center market will reach $25 billion, far outpacing today’s $11 billion. Alexander Davydov, entrepreneur from Yekaterinburg and founder of Naumen and SKB Kontur, decided to exploit the situation.

He created Noda, a company that in February 2013 signed its first contract to implement its tools at Magellan Solutions, an outsourcing call center. More than 100 work stations were built on the solution, while another 400 are planned. Noda was the first company in the Philippine market to offer a pay-per-use model that has clients paying only for the number of agent stations they use and thereby streamlining expenses. It was also the first in the market to introduce simultaneous call processing across multiple channels (telephone, calls via the site, web chat, fax, and e-mail).

Noda’s office in the Philippines boasts a grand total of five employees: four Philippines and one Russian. Davydov has invested $2 million into the project and estimates that he will earn that sum back in the space of 3–5 years. The company’s plans for the near future include expansion into Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.


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