Noda Interaction Platforms joined the ICT Jobs and Skills Fair for PWDs

The Information and Communications Technology Office of the DOST joined forces with the National Council on Disability Affairs, government organizations, and the private sector to hold ICT: An ICT Job and Skills Fair for PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) for the third year in a row.

This year’s event focused on the use of ICTs that allow PWDs to work from anywhere and be hired by top companies here in the Philippines such as E-Performax, Union Bank, TeleDevelopment, and others. Noda Interaction Platforms was given the chance to share its unique experience installing its system in a call center staffed by more than 2,500 visually impaired agents.

Disabilities and impairments are no longer insurmountable barriers keeping people from working normally in the corporate world, given available technology and the fact that developers have invested significant time developing supporting equipment. Not only that, but PWDs are also tech-savvy, allowing them to quickly assimilate to such technologies and work on the same level as other people.

Noda Contact Center lets visually impaired people work productively, resulting in companies that meet general efficiency standards in place for all call centers. This project in particular has high social importance, with the Tele-Course Call Center enabling people with disabilities to obtain decent employment and reach their full potential.

About Noda Contact Center. Noda Contact Center was implemented at one of the largest call centers in Eastern Europe, one which is unique both in Europe and globally for the fact that 90% of its staff members—over 2,500 people—are visually impaired. The call center offers various services to its customers, including customer care, telemarketing, surveys and questionnaires, sales-lead generation and appointments, back office and reception services, SMS distribution, and more.

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