Noda Contact Center now primary tool for sales and client service at BRISCO

BRISCO, a tour operator and part of TH&C, an international tourism holding company, wrapped up construction of a contact center built on Noda Contact Center.

Introducing Noda Contact Center let the company find weak areas in its operations, distribute resources to where they were most needed, and build teamwork between all the different departments that serve BRISCO’s 700,000+ clients: Metrojet, an airline; BRP, a visa center; the Prince Group’s receiving party, a transport company, and the company’s hotel chain.

Information pulled from a variety of external systems is available in Noda Contact Center’s single operator window, letting contact center specialists quickly and easily select tours without exhaustively studying all the different options. Beyond that, the system enables operators to answer questions posed by clients that can be about anything from local weather to flight numbers and arrival times at a particular airport to the view from particular hotel rooms. Once a tour reservation has been made, the application registered in the CRM is available in the NODA system and is displayed in the contact center’s statistics to facilitate working with it further. Clients receive automated emails keeping them up to date every step of the way.

The platform makes it possible to automatically find the client’s number and pull up their card when they call in, displaying the entire history of interaction with that client: which tours they bought when, whether they participate in loyalty programs, the manager handling them, their average tour cost, their purchase level, and how satisfied they have been with the service provided in the past. Because the operator is looking at the client’s information before they even pick up the phone, they can greet them by name, letting them know exactly how important they are to the company. That personalized communication boosts tourist loyalty and lets them feel like a VIP. Calls from new clients, on the other hand, are automatically registered in the system with a new card and number.

Noda Contact Center tools also let the tour operator’s employees handle marketing assignments: they conduct surveys and collect testimonials from clients after they get back from vacation, all while getting to know the customer’s needs and letting them know how they can purchase their next tour. Analyzing the information they collect pushes the company to better understand each situation individually, boost service quality, and offer partners and clients exclusive deals and special prices for their products. Needless to say, there is no better way to build strong demand.

Maria Kosenkova, Head of the Development Department, BRISCO:

The surveys of our clients we regularly conduct using NODA let us learn and act on what is most important to them. The new platform also offers a structured database and summary statistics that include all our employee indicators: number of calls accepted, reason for call, number of applications, and profit per application, for example. We leveraged that data to evaluate how many people we need to maintain effective service, to distribute the call load, and to avoid spending money on new hires. In short, we have been able to streamline our operations to cope with the economic downturn.

Indicators for each employee individually and the contract center as a whole are displayed online in the reporting system and are available to everyone, something that motivates the staff to improve their work. Since beginning work with Noda Contact Center, the company’s weekly tour sales in popular segments have grown 20%.

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