International fuel card operator automates 300 work stations using Noda Contact Center

Petrol Plus Region, a Russian department of the international corporation FleetCor, a global leader in fuel card processing, wrapped up construction of a geographically distributed 200-operator call center. Noda Contact Center was leveraged to drive high call servicing quality and bring in new clients. Today 98% of fuel card holders get an answer within 15 seconds, while 92% of problems are resolved during the first contact.

The project was aimed at building a call center with 200 automated workstations distributed over two facilities, one in Moscow and the other in Bryansk, all aimed at providing quality service for Petrol Plus Region clients. The company operates fuel cards used to pay at gas stations, selecting NODA, the Russian leader in the contact center industry, to handle the project and deliver the software.

Noda Contact Center was leveraged to facilitate a single call queue, while smart call routing pushed operator wait times down to 15 seconds. Calls are distributed to operators based on their skills and availability. Meanwhile, clients are identified thanks to integration with the company’s internal business system and its client database, something that makes it possible to switch VIP card holders over to their personal managers. The ability to make calls quickly and get needed information has boosted client loyalty: 92% of issues are resolved on the line or during the first contact (FCR), while some call are also served using an IVR system.

The toll-free hot line for emergency calls was automated to work 24x7x365. The platform’s fault tolerance also makes it possible to service more than 100 calls simultaneously, meaning that clients can contact call center specialists whenever they would like to ask about fuel card usage, find the nearest gas station, check on their account balance, or block/unblock their card. Round-the-clock service is particularly important for emergency calls made by drivers en route.

Another element that was crucial for the project was automating the outgoing call functionality, as operators currently make cold calls to look for potential clients willing to talk through a commercial offer with a manager. The algorithms for processing outgoing cold calls implemented at the contact center let it generate leads and grow fuel card sales, and Noda Contact Center makes that even easier by automatically pulling from the external CRM’s cold contact database. Operators record client information using prepared forms and conversation scripts that are built into the system interface. The results are then recorded in the system and funneled into a list of potential clients that is handed off to managers for further processing.

The system collects statistics on the work ongoing at both facilities, letting management create any type of report they would like for individual subsets or the entire system as a whole. That data is then analyzed to drive decision-making that in turn improves how the contact center operates and makes the company better overall. Conversations are recorded to let management keep tabs on the work operators are doing.

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