Noda Contact Center in Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide 2015

Gartner added its voice to the attention being paid Noda Contact Center (NCC) from around the world, listing it as an honorable mention in the company’s report.

NCC offers PBX functionality along with a wide range of contact center options, targeting companies in the European and Asian markets staffed by 100 to 2,500 agents.

Drew Kraus, Steve Blood, and Sorell Slaymaker, the report’s authors, dug deep into the company to look at a number of parameters: market position, revenue, partnerships, cloud solution, market strategy, product development, 5-7 year forecast, and much more.

As part of their research, Gartner analysts talked with Noda clients to get their unbiased opinions, interviewing the biggest call centers employing NCC.

“Ever since RBK Research published its report stating that Noda Contact Center has taken over as the market leader and is more popular in Russia than Avaya and Cisco, there are no more surprises when it comes to Noda landing awards and acclaim. For example, in 2015 our solution was named Product of the Year by Call Center Guru. We hope Noda’s inclusion as an honorable mention is only the first step toward taking its place among the Magic Quadrant leaders next year,” said Mikhail Chereshnev, Director of Global Development.

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