Russia’s largest online plumbing supply store now built on Noda Contact Center finished automating its contact center built on NODA’s solution. The platform drives call reports, remote employee monitoring, and the excellent service now enjoyed by customers of the company’s online store.

Fifty operator stations were automated as part of the project.

The specialists currently working at’s contact center are split into four shifts that answer calls coming in from clients across two lines: 8-800-707–13–00 for toll-free calls from around Russia and +7-495-665–70–75 for calls originating in Moscow and Moscow Oblast.

Clients contact the call center to discuss the wide range of products sold in the company’s online store, delivery, payment terms, order status, and more. All the information the operators need is displayed directly in the software’s work window, something that simplifies sales and drives faster reaction times for incoming contacts and orders.

The system also compiles call statistics to ensure work quality. The range of available report types lets management analyze the work being done and make informed decisions leading to upward-trending business indicators.

The contact center has leveraged the platform to implement a monitoring system for field employees (couriers). Included is an integrated IVR service with a built-in database, making it possible to automatically record the conversations couriers have with clients by patching calls through the contact center. All recordings are then stored in the system, available for easy access in case a client lodges a delivery-related complaint.

Noda Contact Center is also used for internal communications between the 200 employees spread across the company’s different departments, including accounting, delivery, and service, something that streamlines the entire client-facing process.

Margarita Simagina,, Commercial Director:

The fact that we are an online store necessitated a reliable, mature platform that featured the tools we need. We had simply outgrown and felt limited by the telephony we had been using. Happily, NODA turned out to be the right choice: we now enjoy a variety of reports, and we can manage our employees—including our remote ones—more effectively than ever.

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