NODA drives fast launch for new outsourcing contact center

INNOVATIONS CALL CENTER (INNKTs) finished building and launching its new outsourcing contact center.

Thanks to the attention paid by the developers to making sure Noda Contact Center is perfectly suited to the outsourcing contact center industry, INNKTs was able to implement the platform on its own within strict time constraints. The company immediately got to work servicing clients.

INNKTs’ quick start and minimal capital outlay were due to the fact that their user-friendly new platform let them chose their own IT infrastructure, deploy open-source operating systems (Linux, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL) to their servers and operator computers, and enjoy NODA’s favorable licensing policy—one that even includes license rentals.

The startup picked the NODA solution for the growth flexibility it offers without demanding additional investment. With over 30 operator stations currently automated, another 40 are planned for the near future. Noda Contact Center lets clients grow gradually or quickly, including by tying in remote operators.

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