Presenting the results of a study looking at the availability and service quality offered by contact centers at Russian insurance companies

NODA has been running its own independent studies of availability and service quality at contact centers since 2013, though this was its first to focus on the insurance industry. GRAN, an outsourcing call center counted among Russia’s five largest by service volume, was the partner for the project.

GRAN operators made around 2000 calls to the hotlines of 65 Russian insurance companies using Noda Contact Center.

Each number received three sets of test calls every day over the course of a week—one in the morning, another in the afternoon, and a third in the evening. Wait times were calculated and a number of control questions were posed to the call center operators who answered in the interest of evaluating service quality across a number of standard insurance-related products and services. All data, including conversation recordings, was stored in Noda Contact Center.

According to the compiled statistics, 70% of calls were successful, meaning that the wait time did not exceed the set threshold of 90 seconds. 39% of calls were answered within 20 seconds. FCR came in at 56%, or the percentage of calls during which an answer was received for the control question. By comparison, those numbers for bank call centers were 66%, 42%, and 62%, respectively, according to NODA’s 2015 study.

NODA’s research focused on metrics the company has honed over the years. Each call scooped in an enormous amount of data that can be filtered for each specific organization, and the fact that the company brought in a professional outsourcing call center lent weight to its findings. Global statistics compiled by foreign studies were also included in the result to give the data context within global practices.

The results of the study were presented at a business breakfast at which more than 30 representatives of the insurance industry were present.

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