Legion contact center boosts service quality thanks to NODA

Legion (www.lgn.ru) is a versatile commercial bank with operations in 15 Russian cities that has staked its reputation on providing a high level of remote service across a geographically distributed branch network. Implementing Noda Contact Center made it possible to centralize handling of a single pool of calls originating from wherever the bank has a presence. Now there is a single free hotline both private and corporate clients can call to discuss the bank’s products and services: savings accounts, consumer lending, credit and debit cards, transfers, securities, and more.

All interactions with the contact center are recorded in each client’s personal card, with that data saved in the system for further processing. If the wait time exceeds the permissible range (2-5 minutes), the call is redirected to the IVR so the client can order a callback. The platform’s functionality also helps managers keep tabs on service quality by making it possible to record all conversations held with clients.

Noda Contact Center’s single window with built-in conversation scripts makes the operator’s job significantly easier. Clients enjoy fast service thanks to the system’s knowledge base and its enormous amount of data spanning a variety of topics, including legal documents at the federal and local levels regulating the financial, taxation, and other aspects of relationships between legal and physical entities. Smart call distribution based on operator skills and simplified access to reference information mean that 93% of questions asked by clients are answered the first time they call.

The bank’s near future includes plans for a large-scale contact center as well as integrating Noda Contact Center into its internal banking systems.

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