Rossiya Bank switches to NODA

Rossiya Bank, which is among the twenty strongest in Russia as measured by the quality of their telephone service (TOP-20 FIN'2015), recently completed their new contact center based on NODA’s professional platform. The modernized facility is built on a fail-proof cluster, with the integrated solution providing uninterrupted management of the huge number of calls going into and out of the bank. The result has been a more competitive product when it comes to remotely working with clients.

The project focused on migrating from the bank’s old platform to Noda Contact Center and its next-generation technology. The new program is integrated with BPM’Online CRM to automate the client service process, while the integration tool also made it possible for the contact center’s platform and business center to interact closely with each other. Handling clients has never been easier.

Alongside handling incoming calls (a hot line, consultations for bank card holders, service for VIP clients, blocking cards), integration with the BPM’Online interface means that outgoing campaigns can be run and serviced. Results are available in the client management system thanks to the direct connection to Noda Contact Center’s database.

Rossiya Bank’s newly modernized contact center is built on a fault-tolerant hardware complex that includes five servers grouped into two independent clusters. A set of programming tools that drive setup flexibility and allow users to keep an eye on both clusters and each individual server complete the setup. Overall, the integrated backup system for configuration files and hot backups for all servers (those used to process incoming and outgoing calls, database servers, and duplicate backup servers) facilitate 99.99% availability 24/7.

Maxim Druzhinin, Executive Director at Rossiya Bank:

The automated system NODA created for our contact center performed admirably in 14 test cases. We now have a unique, high-tech tool that is easy to use and takes care of everything we need in order to remotely serve our clients. The quality of our phone service here at Rossiya Bank was rated highly by market experts, pushing our contact center into the twenty best in the financial sector as per the National Association of Contact Centers. 

Bank Rossiya opened its doors in St. Petersburg on June 27, 1990, as one of the first privately owned banks in the country. It currently offers a wide range of banking products and services to corporate and private clients, and boasts a license to perform banking operations as well as licenses as a professional operator in the securities market. In 2015 the bank conformed to the National Payment Card System rules and began providing cards through the Mir payment system in 2016. Its network includes 22 branches operating in 25 Russian regions, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Crimea, and others. It is a member of the Association of Russian Banks and the Association of Northwestern Banks, maintaining service standards in line with the Banking Operations Code. Its general license is № 328, dated September 3, 2012.

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