CROC, a NODA partner, installed Noda Contact Center at Neyva Bank

Neyva Bank, located in the Urals, opened a modern contact center built on Noda Contact Center. The fully functional solution has already boosted operator work efficiency by 20%, and IVR has made the bank’s self-serve channels much more effective. The project was run by CROC, a NODA partner.

The decision to modernize the contact center was made by Neyva Bank management in order to provide a more personalized experience for each client, and the new and fault-tolerant version was rolled out using Noda Contact Center and the client’s virtual infrastructure. The system was installed and launched in less than two months, all without interrupting the client’s business processes. That pace was only possible thanks to the platform’s flexibility and how easy it made fitting the new solution into the bank’s existing infrastructure. With NODA the contact center can now meet a variety of needs: supporting omni-channel, automating incoming and outgoing call management, robocalling, IVR, conversation recording, and more.

“We were doing more business, and the bank’s client base was expanding, meaning that we needed a technically mature business tool that would cover a range of functionality: from call processing to quality control for our operators’ work. And, of course, it had to offer the best cost-to-quality ratio. CROC helped us find a solution that met our needs and requirements in their entirety,” noted Nataliya Bekmansurova, director of regional development at Neyva Bank.

The contact center newly modernized by CROC using the NODA platform effectively manages operator loads by automating incoming and outgoing calls. The solution itself connects operators with clients, freeing them from routine tasks so they can handle the most important part of call processing: talking. Supervisors also enjoy a powerful tool for monitoring and evaluating their operators.

The platform is integrated with the bank’s CRM system so operators can speak with clients on a more individualized basis. In fact, Neyva clients can find out what exchange rates are at different banks on their own thanks to an expansive IVR coupled with speech recognition and synthesis software. 

“Today clients decide for themselves when and how they would like to interact with the bank: via phone call, SMS, a social network, chat, or email. Modern technology is absolutely essential when it comes to expanding communication functionality and helping operators work better. And that is something we know for sure thanks to the 10 years we have spent working with contact centers and the more than 800 projects we have implemented for telecom operators, banks, retail companies, and more. There is no doubt in our mind that the Neyva Bank project will significantly boost their customer focus and, as a result, their competitiveness,” added Oleg Kravchenko, deputy director general at CROC.

“Noda Contact Center enjoys popularity among leading banks in Russia and other countries. We value the trust new clients like Neyva Bank place in it, and are happy that our partnership with CROC is one that bears tangible fruit,” concluded Andrey Zaytsev, CEO at NODA.

About Neyva Bank:

Neyva Bank is growing dynamically based on Kommerchesky Neyvabank, located in Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast. The bank offers a wide array of financial services for both individuals and legal entities, and its focus is on the latest in banking technology. Its popularity and consistent growth are built on the innovative services and products it pairs with accessible prices. Thanks to that progress, the bank enjoys a solid market position, excellent reliability and liquidity, and a bottom line that continues to move in the right direction. It is 303rd among Russian banks in assets (in the past six years it jumped from 975th to 330th place, moving from 407th to 303rd place in the last two years) and 165th in earnings as on July 1, 2016.

The bank’s head office is currently located in Ekaterinburg, though it has branches in a majority of Sverdlovsk Oblast’s manufacturing hubs as well as in Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk.

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