DIXY uses Noda Contact Center to streamline operations

NODA recently wrapped up a complex project implementing Noda Contact Center for the DIXY Group. The platform was used to build three unique and distinct contact center facilities designed to handle calls and manage other processes for the company’s divisional structure.

Once NODA engineers had the Noda Contact Center installation in place, they went on to build three distinctly functioning contact centers to serve three different divisions within the DIXY Group: the central recruiting department, the central personnel services department, and the group responsible for client interaction. Access to the system is limited strictly to the appropriate division, a policy that offers information security and allows for more specialized usage. The new tools at their disposal have made life much easier for everyone involved: expenses are down, and less time is spent handling phone calls. Operator productivity is higher; overheads are lower.

Even though they work independently of each other, the contact centers all pull the information they need from the company’s ERP system. The latter is integrated into Noda Contact Center thanks to the program’s universal integrability, meaning that the program works closely with the company’s business system and can access information about individual employees and partners. The result has simplified work for operators at the central personnel services department by making it easier for them to interact with the company’s employees, while also improving the company’s ability to work with suppliers and other partners. The system tracks call statistics in an effort to drive quality analysis and further improvement.

It is now easier for the newly upgraded central recruiting department to make general and administrative hires. For example, while discussing terms with potential candidates, recruiters have access to the prepared form used by DIXY’s task-specific software—which is also integrated with NODA. 

“Our new platform will make some of our key processes much more efficient. We will make hires faster, and also streamline how we interact with our own employees as well as our many suppliers and partners,” noted DIXY IT director Vladimir Muravyev.

“Retail chains make up one of today’s fastest-growing segments, and the one most interested in cutting-edge technology,” said Andrey Zaytsev, NODA CEO. “The DIXY project was designed to cover all the needs of what is a giant retailer. I’m confident that our solution will work out very well for the contact centers they created and help the company continue to grow.”

The DIXY Group (MICEX: DIXY) is a leading Russian retail company selling food, drinks, and other everyday products. The group is third in revenue, size, and store quantity among Russian retail operators in the grocery segment. It has more than 60,000 employees.

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