2016 Russian BPO market: NODA leads, ahead of Avaya and Cisco

NODA again headed the list of most popular companies in the outsourcing contact center segment, finishing ahead of western competitors. The 2016 study was run by iKS-Consulting in conjunction with the National Association of Contact Centers.

According to the iKS-Consulting report, in 2016 NODA boasted the most installations in the Russian BPO segment, and its 27% market share beat out the company’s main western competitors. Avaya finished with 24.3%, while Cisco rounded out the top three at 18.9%. 

Trends in the Russian BPO segment according to RBC Research and iKS Consulting:

NODA, the leading Russian developer of professional solutions for contact centers, has spent the last several years in the trio of most popular vendors. Then, in the last two years, it squeezed out first one and then both competitors. This year saw the company surge forward to widen the gap. 

The number of workstations automated by the company in the segment grew by 30% this year. The competition may have hardened, and the overall makeup of the market may have been shuffled, but NODA maintained its position by boosting its share of operator workstations by 3%. Well-known outsourcing contact centers like GRAN, Infotell, New Contact, IQLine, Telerossa, City-Call, Astra Page, and Tekhnologii Kontakta today use the company’s solution, and others are being added on a regular basis. 

Companies who opt for a Russian solution avoid dependence on a foreign supplier, minimize risks, streamline their expenses, and still enjoy great results. 

Sales Director for EMEA Alexey Sadovsky noted in an interview with iKS-Consulting: “Over the last two years our market has seen rising prices for new contact center platforms purchased from foreign developers as well more expensive service contracts, all of which is tied to the higher value of the dollar. Of course, most major western venders have taken to offering steep discounts, though they have still not been enough to cover the currency difference. Many clients have therefore taken a closer look more accessible Russian solutions.” 

The popularity NODA has enjoyed among outsourcing call centers looking for its professional, high-tech solution is built on the vendor’s reliability and technical maturity as well as the fact that the solution completely meets their needs and enables them to effectively pursue their business agendas. Still, NODA has not rested on its laurels, instead pushing forward to master new technologies in line with the developing global contact center industry. One significant example over the past year and a half is the 2016 release of the company’s WFM system (Noda WFM), which was successfully installed at GRAN, a major outsourcing contact center, and named best product at the Crystal Headset awards. NODA WFM is the first fully functional solution developed in Russia for workforce management at call centers. Next came the announcement of a new product for omni-channel customer service: Noda Omni-channel. After weighing the advantages offered by NODA’s cutting-edge tools, clients have tended to go with the Russian vendor. 

The 2016 iKS-Consulting review highlights the main development trends exhibited by the contact centers offering outsourcing services in Russia. It also describes the Russian outsourcing contact center market and provides a 2020 forecast. The ranking includes shares in revenue, the number of installed workstations, incoming and outgoing traffic, and other parameters. The study included a comparative analysis of software solutions for call processing at call centers as well as profiles of Russian call center solution developers. There were also interviews with independent experts and directors of leading outsourcing contact centers in Russia.

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