Rostelecom assesses NODA solutions for its authorized supplier registry

NODA was one of the first companies to successfully complete the grueling assessment Rostelecom, one of Russia’s largest telecom companies, puts suppliers through before authorizing them.

In December 2016 a visiting committee from Rostelecom arrived at NODA’s head development center in Ekaterinburg. The meeting included a thorough evaluation of the Russian vendor’s products to see if they match up to the standards Rostelecom has for its registry. The methodology they use rates vendors on a point system they devised for software developers. 

The committee ended up rating NODA very highly: 96 out of a possible 100 points. A bilateral act was signed confirming that the supplier criteria had been met, and NODA’s main products were added to the Rostelecom register along with the scores they’d earned. 

“The list of cutting-edge Russian solutions in the Rostelecom registry is an excellent guide for major corporate clients,” noted Igor Kirichenko, CEO of NODA. “Rostelecom’s assessment procedure is rigorous and looks at software solutions from every conceivable angle. Still, even though we had to go through a deeper evaluation this time than we did for the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, we just about hit the top of the chart with our first try. That result points to our company’s maturity and the fact that we meet all import replacement criteria.” 

The evaluation results can be found here:

Rostelecom ( is one of the largest national telecom companies in Russia and Europe, and it covers all communication market segments for millions of households in Russia. The company is the undisputed leader in telecom services provided to Russian government organizations and corporate users of all types.

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