ERKAPHARM Group migrates to Noda Contact Center

Ozerki, a pharmacy retailer in the ERKAPHARM group, which also includes Doctor Stoletov, Khoroshaya Apteka, and Apteka No. 1, finished work on its new contact center. The company built its solution on Noda Contact Center in order to quickly process incoming contacts, compile statistics, and optimize its client service processes.

Ozerki is the biggest pharmacy chain in the Northwestern Federal District. It includes more than 60 locations in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, and Moscow. The company’s contact center services an enormous stream of incoming contacts, letting customers know which medications are available, where the closest pharmacy is located, and what its hours are. It also takes orders for products and pharmaceuticals, not to mention offering support for participants in the company’s Zabota o Zdorove loyalty program. As the chain grew, its contact center came to need new, more mature tools that could bring all its different service processes into a single automated environment.

The project saw NODA working with SKD to replace its obsolete platform as well as an order processing system that wasn’t meeting the growing business’s needs.

The new solution based on Noda Contact Center is integrated with Vidal, an electronic pharmacy reference tool, as well as other internal business systems. That makes it much easier for contact center operators to find the medications customers are looking for. The system also includes a mechanism operators can use to find the pharmacies offering the lowest prices and see which locations have a certain product in stock. Once the virtual cart is full, the operator can go over all the details of the order with the customer and send the order to the ERP system. It is then forwarded to the pharmacy, where the customer can pick up their order whenever it’s most convenient for them.

A special IVR service was implemented in the system to balance the load with the company’s outsourcing partner. Calls are routed to company operators or operators belonging to the outsourcing contact center depending on the topic and time.

The system analyzes the interest customers show in different medications to make sure they are always in stock. Locations can order more when they are low and thereby ensure that the entire chain is more competitive.

“We do our best to meet our customers’ needs by developing and improving our services based on cutting-edge solutions. This new platform will quadruple the speed at which we process calls, and everything we’re doing will also have the effect of making the chain more profitable,” says Anastasiya Karpova, CEO at the ERKAPHARM Group.

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