BPO contact center for 400 seats migrates to NODA

Infotell, one of Russia’s best outsourcing call centers, moved to Noda Contact Center in an effort to upgrade its production capacity. The outsourcer now leverages its new solution to service more than 200 widely varying client projects.

Infotell is among the country’s top ten outsourcing contact centers as measured by the quantity of services they offer. Their clients are spread across a number of industries: retail, transport, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. They serve as a dispatch service and a ticket reservation service, they process orders for internet stores, and they offer consulting services. The move to Noda Contact Center was necessitated by the limited functionality offered by Infra Call Center (Infra TeleSystems), a solution they had been using previously that failed to meet the needs of their growing business. Infotell specialists rolled out the new platform themselves and were able to do so without bringing in integrators.

The company currently has operator facilities in five Russian cities, with more than 400 operators between them. Thanks to the new platform’s scalability, they have been able to resume their expansion, building capacity and widening the array of services they offer. The company even opened a new 50-operator facility in Rostov-on-Don. 

“We have quite a few major clients, and they prize stability in the contact centers they work with. However, our business, and, in particular, the rising number of calls we were handling, outgrew our old platform. We also felt the need for new functionality beyond the expensive additions we could make to it,” said Alexey Timofeev, CEO of Infotell. “As we looked for an alternative, we collected offers from a number of suppliers and visited several active contact centers to see how their software worked in action. We ended up going for NODA and have yet to regret that decision. Its flexible setup and integrability made the migration process simple and easy. We didn’t even have to stop working, despite the fact that we migrated during what was a peak period for us.”

Infotell was able to consult with NODA engineers throughout the rollout process, focusing in particular on service configuration and migrating existing projects. Moving to the new platform has significantly simplified setting up, launching, and managing campaigns. The agent script functionality lets Infotell streamline their hot lines, outgoing telemarketing, collections, mass marketing surveys, database updates and collection, and other types of services.

The company plans to introduce Noda Omni-Channel, letting them process calls, emails, SMS, web chats, messengers, and social networks in a single window. That window also displays the entire history of every client across all the different channels.

“We use NODA to service dozens of projects spread across a variety of industries. Even just one of our hot lines sees 25,000 calls per day. Configuring new projects now takes a supervisor no more than half an hour, and we always have access to detailed reports on the number of calls operators are making, the results of those calls, new contacts, and other information our clients need for control and analysis,” noted Evgeny Korobov, Infotell’s telemarketing director. 

“This isn’t the first time a client has rolled out our platform on their own. Certainly, you need to have specially trained engineers if that’s something you want to do, but the fact that NODA has the most installations in the industry means it isn’t hard to find someone who knows our system,” commented Andrey Zaytsev, CEO at NODA.

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