Fasten streamlines its contact center using Noda WFM

Fasten, Russia’s largest taxi service, overhauled how its contact centers work using Noda Workforce Management (WFM). The solution allows it to forecast contact center loads and better plan operator schedules.

The contact centers managed by Fasten are manned by 1,300 operators and spread across two cities. All traffic is incoming, as operators work 24/7 to accept calls from clients ordering taxis.

“Our goal is to reposition taxis as mass transportation, the primary way people get around, and we can’t do that if we’re not available. Cutting-edge technology helps us efficiently build schedules,” says Vladimir Batmanov, contact center project manager at Fasten. “As the number of operators we had started to grow, we began our search for a tool we could use to automate schedule management. Noda WFM lets us leverage the past to accurately forecast the number of calls we’ll be getting over a given period, plan out operator shifts, and let our operators know whenever changes are made to the schedule. Doing all of that manually is difficult and time-consuming.”

Company representatives noted that using Russia’s best WFM system not only made labor resource management more efficient; it also cut expenses by 20%.

Noda WFM helps Fasten optimize its contact centers by quickly planning schedules in multi-skill mode for 16 operator groups serving a variety of regions. It accounts for factors specific to certain shifts, rotation models, individual work rules, and output as well as labor law standards. Integrating WFM into the company’s telephony system also offers reliable control of work discipline: operators are automatically sent push notifications whenever the schedule is changed.

“We love how the Noda developers listen to us as a client, taking a flexible approach to the needs of our particular business. As a Russian program, they also understand the demands placed on us by Russian labor law. In the past we had to just keep them in mind as we analyzed operator loads for different cities and different times of the day, and relieving our qualified specialists of that burden lets them put their time to much better use,” added Vladimir Batmanov.

More information:

Fasten is an international tech company offering transportation services. Their technology lets users order a car and driver with a single tap on their smartphone or by making a single call. Fasten is available in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the US, and the Czech Republic under the brand names Fasten, RuTaxi, Red Taxi, Taxi Saturn, and Vezyet.

As a company, Fasten is all about staying close to people. That means that the interests of their clients, but passengers and drivers, are paramount, so they focus on delivering cars as fast as possible. More than 1.5 million trips are taken around the world every day.

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