Profit Call Center Day 2017: NODA talks robotic services for contact centers

NODA participated in Profit Call Center Day 2017, a conference held on June 16 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Andrey Zaytsev, CEO at NODA, took part in the conference, which is devoted to new tech being released for contact centers. His presentation looked at the future and applicability of robotic services, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning tools. Starting with an overview of global tech trends influencing the customer service world, Zaytsev laid out the model for a contact center 5-10 years in the future, one in which 80% of contacts will be serviced by personal robot assistants. His examples were the robotic services currently in use today by contact centers built on Noda Contact Center. Meter readings are accepted without operator assistance using speech recognition technology by the Mosenergosbyt contact center, for instance, while clients also use the IVR to get information about their balance, the status of their orders, the address of the nearest office, and so on.

Profit Call Center Day 2017 is run by PROFIT Events, and it is the key event in the contact center industry for Central Asia. This year’s iteration was attended by more than 200 representatives of companies from a variety of industries that include large-scale customer service. They included the managers of contact centers for banks, internet stores, communication providers, retail chains, state institutions, and much more. Leading experts and suppliers of cutting-edge technology designed to automate contact centers introduced the audience to the latest developments and promising technology that can help streamline remote customers services, while also presenting their experience building modern contact centers.

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