United Inter RAO contact center uses Noda WFM System to optimize workload management

The installation of Noda Workforce Management (WFM) system was carried out within the framework of further development of the united Mosenergosbyt contact center.

The installation of Noda WFM solution has enabled Mosenergosbyt contact center to automate the process of scheduling operators’ work shifts and predicting its work load, which has helped the contact center, with its 11.5 million users, to reach a new level of service quality.

Noda WFM system is deeply integrated with Noda Contact Center, making data exchange between them highly efficient. The WFM system uses statistics coming in from the VoIP platform to make a precise forecast of the expected work load, put together an optimal work schedule for operators, and plan work shifts and breaks in the most efficient way. The system automatically controls if the contact center employees keep up with the schedule. Thus Noda WFM optimizes the use of labor resources, and ensures that the contact center achieves its target KPI.

“Noda WFM is capable of planning a work schedule for 300 employees, and it can monitor timekeeping for 200 operators at the peak, “ says Sergey Kuregyan, Development Director of Mosenergosbyt. “The planning manager can carry out online monitoring of the operators: control if they keep to the schedule, and how often they take breaks. It boosts the work discipline tremendously. Employees of the contact center now have access to personal accounts where they can check their schedule in real time, and request to swap shifts. There also is a mobile app that helps to make quick alterations in the work schedule. As you can see, the implementation of a Russian-manufactured WFM system has stepped up our transparency, and has helped to optimize the planning process and personnel management.“

Noda WFM operates in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; the planning process takes account of the operators’ skills, work shift details, individual labor norms, output rates, and other important parameters. Besides, the system provides for a case-specific approach: when planning a schedule, you can automatically take into account personal preferences of our employees regarding working hours and days. Optimized scheduling has raised the efficiency of the contact center to a new high. If there are alterations made to the schedule, the WFM system sends out automated push-notifications about the changes in shifts. Using the mobile app, available for Android and iOS, operators can accept or decline suggested additional shifts.

The system also offers a convenient reporting mechanism which allows to obtain performance data for each operator or a group of operators, and the number of hours they have worked in a given period. The reports are updated online.

Andrey Zaitsev, Contact Center Department Director at NODA: “Last year, our product, Noda WFM, won the Crystal Headset® Award in the Product of the Year nomination. Since then, it has become the basis for several large-scale projects of prominent companies. E.g. the GRAN contact center uses Noda WFM to plan work schedules for its 1,700 operators, and the FASTEN taxi service has installed our solution at its contact center to plan the work of its 1,300 operators. And now, with Mosenergosbyt becoming one of our customers, we are pleased to note that large-scale companies also trust a Russian WFM system with their work load planning tasks.“

In 2016, NODA received the Crystal Headset® Award for its Mosenergosbyt contact center project in the ‘Best Integration / Implementation Partner’ nomination. Also, in 2016 this contact center received the High Jury Approval in the “State, housing and utility services for the population” category at the Crystal Headset® Contest.

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