Voice bots help Russian Post with customer service

NODA, together with New Contact, a large Russian contact center, has created several robotic services that helped Russian Post to optimize its customer services.

Russian Post outsources its call center services to New Contact, which operates on the Noda Contact Center platform. New Contact performs customer support for Russian Post, processing queries connected with mail tracking and information on the nearest post offices.

These queries are very common, and are processed using typical scripts, so it was logical to develop and deploy voice bots. For this purpose, Noda Contact Center was integrated with speech recognition and geoinformation systems, as well as the internal information systems of Russian Post.

The new services' capabilities:

A customer dialing the Russian Post universal phone number 8(800)2005888 is connected to a service which determines the topic of the query on the basis of certain phrases, e.g. if the customer says "Hello, I would like to find out where my package is", the robot routs the caller to the mail tracking information service.

The mail tracking information service can recognize Russian 14-digit tracking numbers, as well as foreign tracking numbers that can include Latin letters and digits. The bot is capable of recognizing combinations of letters and numbers read out in various ways. For example, the combination RS340023 can be recognized by the bot if read as follows: "R for Ruslan, S for Sergey, thirty four, two zeros, two, three. "

The post office search service is so far available for callers in Moscow and the Moscow region. To get information about the nearest post office, you can just give your ZIP code and address (street and house number). After that, the bot sends a request to the Russian Post information system, and reads the address of the nearest post office, also informing the caller of its working hours.

This technology not only allows the callers to get the information they need quickly; it has significantly reduced the cost of the service, since the work previously done by humans is now performed by robots. In case of any difficulties, the caller can always access a call center agent.

Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center Department at NODA: "Voice bot projects have their own peculiarities, related to the acquisition and processing of data for speech models, and creating a dialogue system. We have already implemented a number of such projects, and can do it quickly, efficiently, and affordably. "

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