Swapping Genesys for Noda Allows Energocentr Contact Center to Expand Its Customer Base

Noda Contact Center platform has provided a reliable single contact center framework that handles calls from customers of all the energy providers in the Moscow Region. The new contact center was created on the basis of Energocenter, a subsidiary of MOESK (the Moscow region electric power transmission and distribution company) and now fully relies on Russian software.

This project of creating a large-sacle outsourced contact center was carried out in several stages. The first stage involved reorganization of the old inhouse contact center and its migration from Moscow to the town of Noginsk in the Moscow region, which was chosen as a convenient location for a full-fledged contact center of the large-scale energy supplier

"When our inhouse contact center was using a solution by Genesys, we were able to handle the calls of MOESK users only. Switching over to Noda Contact Center platform, which is a Russian solution, has given us the necessary functionality to provide outsourced call center services to all the energy providers in the Moscow region, " says Vladislav Surmenko, Energocentr Director General. "When choosing a platform, we took into account the system's scalability and its capability of risk-free functionality expansion, as we are planning to grow and open new contact center sites in other regions. In this, NODA meets our needs completely. "

Today, the contact center operating on Noda platform handles emergency calls from both individual users and corporations from the Moscow region. Apart from MOESK, the contact center serves all the major regional energy providers, including Mosoblenergo, MSK-Energo and some others. The contact center’s customer base continues to grow, as well as the range of services offered.

"We began handling our first calls on the new Noda platform last July, starting with emergency calls. After that, all other types of queries were gradually transferred to the Noda system, " explains Svetlana Khasyanova, Head of the Energocentr contact center. "At present, we are running a pilot project which involves taking calls from other energy providers."

Throughout the year, the company faces several seasonal peaks of emergency calls, when winter iсe buildup on power transmission lines or spring hurricanes cause major blackouts. To handle these peak loads, Energocentr and MOESK, together with NODA specialists are developing a chat bot that will handle emergency calls round-the-clock and inform users about the remedial maintenance progress.

Apart from electric energy users, Energocentr works with companies from other industries, such as Mosoblgaz, a major Russian gas-distributing company.

"The deployment of Noda Contact Center has greatly expanded our capabilities. Intelligent routing and skills-based routing, FCR calculation, all kinds of reports, analysis, call recording and listen-in tools, automated call scripts with the option of uploading contact information during the call - these are but a few instruments that we can use now. It facilitates our work and boosts customer experience no end, " Svetlana Khasyanova remarks. "Callers are provided with user-friendly online accounts where they can request and receive various reports. "

In the near future, the contact center is planning to implement other innovative tools by NODA, such as Noda WFM workforce management module, Noda Omni-Channel, and Noda RPA robotic services (chat bots). Expanding system functionality and optimizing contact center operations will make customer services even more user-friendly and accessible.

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