Noda Contact Center helps Mosoblenergo boost service quality in the Moscow region

Mosoblenergo, one of the largest energy providers in the Moscow region, has finalized the project of deploying Noda Contact Center platform. The implemented solution allowed the company to optimize inbound and outbound calls, and provided it with convenient tools for collecting statistics and generating reports.

Mosoblenergo's main goal is to transmit electric power and provide users with a technological connection to the electric grid. As of now, Mosoblenergo operates in 60 municipalities of the Moscow region. To boost its service quality, the company has set up a new cutting-edge contact center operating on the Noda professional platform.

The implemented solution has allowed to transform some of the contact center's standard operations into a self-service. For example, users can get updates on their technological connection application status without any help from a live agent.

Besides, the Noda Contact Center Platform has fully automated inbound call processing. The users, making a call to the Mosoblenergo contact center, access the IVR menu and can choose the topic they need. After that, the system routes their call to an agent or a corresponding self-service.

The project also optimized agent workstations. When a call is routed to a contact center agent, the customer's card pops up automatically in the agent's working window. This card contains a complete history of interactions with the customer. The agent taking the call consults the customer on the issues they have or, if necessary, routes the call to a specialized department. When the call is over, the customer hears a recorded request to rate the service quality on a scale from one to five by pressing a corresponding button on their phone in the tone mode. All the information, including the customer's rating and the call recording, is stored in the system and can be viewed in reports. If the user calls in off-hours, the system offers a callback option.

To optimize debt collection, the contact center platform has been integrated with the 1C business system that contains all user data. The solution allows to make automated calls to debtors without involving live agents. Such automated calling campaigns can be run with preset rules and priorities: the time of call, phone number type (home/office/mobile), etc. When a call is answered, the bot quotes the outstanding payment sum and the user contract number. If the call is unsuccessful (declined, busy, no answer, etc.) the system makes an automated recall after a preset timeout. With the system's integration flexibility and its high-performance outbound calling module, the handling of back payments has become much more efficient: now the company informs more debtors of their overdue payments, and collects more debt.

Additional integration with the website allows to import all callback requests made by the customers via the website to Noda Contact Center automatically. Depending on the time of the callback request (working hours / off-hours), the callback is made immediately, or a callback task is set for the beginning of the next working day.

"Our customers call us when they want to connect their home to the electric grid, when there is a planned outage for repairs or a blackout, when they need advice on using their online account, etc. Before, we used several phone numbers to take these calls, and we had no tools to gather statistical data or generate reports. Now, all these calls are handled via a single phone number on the unified Noda Contact Center platform. This allows us to streamline our reporting, optimize inbound call handling, and make the emergency response to outages quicker", says Yulia Dubravina, Head of Customer Services at Mosoblenergo.

Andrey Zaitsev, Head of Noda Contact Center Department: "For the electric power industry, the main outcome of using NODA products is a considerable reduction of contact center operational costs. A lot of companies have managed to cut these costs 1.5-2 times by implementing hi-tech self-services, including voice and text bots. At the same time, customers always have the option to switch to a live agent, and the automated service quality rating system helps keep this process under control. If the customer is dissatisfied with anything and has rated the service as poor, it is always possible to check the call recording and the chat history, and take the necessary steps to prevent any such incidents in the future."

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